Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship March 2023

by | Feb 28, 2023

MARCH 01 / NUMBERS 21:1-9
We are thankful for Pastor Sani & Elka (MSI Site Leaders in Borneo) who welcomed an unwanted sick baby boy into their family. They are an example of true love to the community. May the baby’s biological mother experience God’s peace and love.

MARCH 02 / JOHN 3:1-17
Pray for the resources needed for the surgery of Pastor Sani and Elka’s adopted son.

MARCH 03 / PSALM 121
Pray for the health of Mr. Sendi (the founder of SOH). He’s experiencing health problems after the passing of Mrs. Sendi last year.

MARCH 04-05 / 1 CHRONICLES 17:1-15
Pray for Jim and Nita (MSI site leaders at S Village, Borneo). Pray for wisdom, creativity, and faithfulness in leading this site and loving the children.

Please pray for Siela (TfN alumna) who leads the site on Spice Island. She is struggling to decide what the next steps are for her work and ministry.

MARCH 07 / EXODUS 20:1-17
Pray for TfN students from Class F who are in the final stage of their theses.

Pray for TfN leadership who are strategizing for the placement of Class F internships.

MARCH 09 / JOHN 4:1-20
As we celebrate International Women Day, we pray for all women and girls serving with MSI who daily strive to bring peace to their communities, their homes, and their hearts.

MARCH 10 / JOHN 4:21-40
We rejoice for the growth happening on the Island of Promise. Through MSI donors, the students are receiving computer education for the first time!

MARCH 11-12 / JOHN 4:41-54
We specifically pray for the practice of bride kidnapping on the Island of Promise. May more girls and women get access to education and the community gain understanding of truth and justice.

MARCH 13 / 1 SAMUEL 15:10-23
Pray for the construction progress of the new school in Harta’s Village (TfN alumnus) in the Papuan Highlands. Praise God that they started to build the walls!

MARCH 14 / 1 SAMUEL 15:24-16:3
We ask God to guide the teachers in the Papuan Highlands with helping the children to develop the habit of good personal hygiene. The children are struggling with health issues resulting from dirty rivers. The only place they can find soap is at the schools.

MARCH 15 / 1 SAMUEL 16:4-23
Praise the Lord for the birth of Xavier’s second daughter (TfN alumnus). God bless the health of mother and baby, and provide for the needs of the family.

Pray for Raymond, Alicia (TfN alumni), and their new baby girl. They have started new positions at MSI’s partner school in Papua. May God guide them.

MARCH 17 / JOHN 9:1-23
Pray for Wiwik (MSI site leader at P High School, Borneo) who feels overwhelmed and tired with life challenges. May God give her strength and hope in leading the school and caring for her sick husband.

MARCH 18-19 / JOHN 9:24-41
Praise God that Rasi (MSI site leader in Papua) is recovering from a broken arm resulting from a motorcycle accident while ministering. Pray for total healing as access to health care is limited.

Rasi (MSI site leader in Papua) is concerned about the current political situation in Papua. Pray for wisdom for national leaders, peace within Papuan tribes, and protection for all MSI networks.

MARCH 21 / EZEKIEL 37:1-14
Pray for Constance (TfN intern), who just lost her sister to typhoid fever because of lack of health facilities in Papua. Pray for her mom to release forgiveness and be at peace.

MARCH 22 / PSALM 130
Praise the Lord for the wedding of Meli (TfN intern). May God continue to bless her family and her ministry.

MARCH 23 / JOHN 11:1-16
The people from the majority faith in Indonesia are starting their fasting month today. Pray for security in the regions and for peace to reign among the people.

MARCH 24 / JOHN 11:17-44
Pray for Jonathan (kindergarten student on Nipa Island) who experienced a traumatic event in his family and is still suffering from shock. May he find joy and comfort in God through his teachers at school.

MARCH 25-26 / LUKE 1:26-38
Pray for two local teachers who assist the school on Spice Island. They are sick with struma disease and type-1 diabetes, and the health care facilities are limited.

MARCH 27 / MATTHEW 21:1-17
Pray for the leadership transition on Gapanau Island this year. Mark (TfN intern) is preparing Maria (TfN intern) to take over leading the site.

MARCH 28 / MATTHEW 21:18-32
Please pray for MSI donors and supporters who are experiencing sickness, challenges, and hardship. Ask God to answer their prayers, open doors, and provide for their needs.

MARCH 29 / MATTHEW 21:33-22:14
Pray for Kumbang Creative Center that needs to extend their lease this year.

MARCH 30 / PSALM 118:1-14
Praise the Lord for a new partner school on Celebes Island! Rita & Kari (TfN interns) are serving at the school there and found that many children are illiterate even though they are attending elementary school.

MARCH 31 / PSALM 118:15-29
Let’s praise God for His faithfulness and all the good that He provides! May, through our ministries, we grow deeper in loving Him and having meaningful relationships with Him.

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Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.