New Computer Lab Helps with Gender Equality on the Island of Promise

by | Mar 6, 2023

Our hub school on the Island of Promise was able to open a new computer lab. They were able to purchase 21 computers, internet hubs, and other lab equipment.

Most people on the island have never used a computer before, including 90% of students at MSI’s school. This was their first experience turning on a computer, using a mouse, and opening Google Chrome. Since the lab opened, 64 elementary students have accessed the lab, 29 of which are girls. They learn basic computer operations, Microsoft Word, Excel, coding, and touch typing.

“Islands all around Indonesia continue to progress and develop, but very few people on this island, especially women, can get jobs because of their inability to use a computer,” said Mrs. Wilson, the principal. Computers are a great way for girls to be educated and open doors for work in the future. “Most women in this society are expected to just stay at home, marry young, have children, and look after the home and family.”

Mrs. Wilson added that computers can help society as a whole, as it provides an opportunity for both girls and boys to learn about how women should be treated as a valuable asset to the family. “Bride kidnapping (the controversial cultural practice where a group of men capture a girl and force her to be wed) still happens in villages. Many times too, girls are not kidnapped but may be pressured by their families to marry a chosen person from their clan.”

Seeing girls use computers is such a thrill for Mrs. Wilson as the students are learning critical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance in a task. “I believe our students can understand how computers can help change their future.”