May 2019 Prayer Calendar

by | May 1, 2019

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Prayer Fellowship

May 2019

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
1 Corinthians 2:9

Wednesday May 01: John 14.1-14 Pray for the TfN graduating class. They will focus on writing their thesis this month. May God give them strength & endurance.

02-03: Psalm 107 Thank God for Victory Place. TfN students have the opportunity to harvest fruits of their own self-organized gardens, & learn about farming & agriculture livelihood.

04: 1 Peter 3.8-4.7 Pray for 3rd year TfN students who are doing their practicum this month. May they be bold in their placements.

Sunday 05: John 21 The majority faith begin their 40-day fast today. Pray Jesus would encounter them through visions & dreams & they experience an undeniable encounter with Christ.

06: Revelation 17 Pray for TfN students who originate from remote areas. They often hesitate to interact because of differences in language & culture. May they overcome!

07: Acts 9.32-43 Praise God for the successful teachers’ conference in March. Pray for amazing application of all they’ve learned.

08: Ezekiel 34.11-31 Pray for our Canadian Director, Lucie Howell, as she celebrates her birthday today. Thank God for her faithfulness!

09: Psalm 23 Give thanks for the Pearsons who took a team to carry out workshops at the conference.

10: Zechariah 10 CNA’s student put on the play Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. May the message in that production grow in the hearts of all who attended.

11: John 10.1-21 Praise God for guiding the Richardson's oldest child to this day of her graduation from college.  Pray for her to have an incredibly special day & for good closure to her four years of study & friendships.  Pray for her as she moves into a completely new chapter of life.

Sunday 12: John 10.22-42 Happy Mother’s Day! Let us celebrate & give thanks for all the mother figures in our lives. May they be loved & appreciated, especially today.

 13: John 15.1-17 Pray for TfN’s first graduates; Indah, now principal of a kindergarten, Xavier, teaching on an eastern island, & Dian, taking a lead in the TfN program.

14: Acts 1.12-26 Pray for the TfN recruitment team & process. May God give them wisdom as they make final selections for the upcoming year.

15-16: Acts 11 Praise God for His loving care of the Richardson's youngest son during his first year of college after being born & raised on the field.  Pray as he makes decisions that affect the direction of his studies.  Pray for him to love God deeply & to grow in relationship with Him.

17-18: Revelation 22 Pray for River Village. May they have wisdom to continue as Pastor Santosa recovers from his fever.

Sunday 19: John 13.21-38 Pray for Arti & Dadang as they faithfully serve in the field office.

20: Psalm 148 Pray God gives M Youth Centre access to children in surrounding communities.

21: Psalm 67 Pray for our principals at CNA. May God give them wisdom & strength to finish this school year successfully.

22: Revelation 22 Thank God for all our site leaders. Their servant hearts illustrate God’s love to those in their society.

23-24: Joshua 10 Praise God for Charis high school students that participate in their graduation ceremony today.

25: Acts 15.36-16.15. Pray for Pastor Santosa’s full recovery after a severe bout of dengue fever.

Sunday 26: John 14.15-31 Pray for MSI staff, board members, field workers & supporters who feel weary. May God give them strength.

27: Joshua 11 Pray that our field workers would find God’s favor following them, where they go.

28-29: Joshua 12-13.14 Thank God for junior high students who graduate at Charis today. Pray that they are prepared as they enter high school.

30: Acts 1.1-11 Pray for the next step for our TfN graduates. They will be placed in different parts of the field to complete their four-year internship. May God be with them during this season of transition.

31: Luke 1.39-56 Thank God for our little ones! Elementary school students graduate at Charis today. May they feel excited for the next chapter.

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