June 2019 Prayer Calendar

by | Jun 2, 2019

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

June 2019

“Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, you are very great! You are clothed with splendor & majesty,”

Psalms 104:1

01: Acts 16.16-40 Pray for Lloyd, an MSI field worker as he celebrates his birthday today.  Pray for increased influence for him & his family.

Sunday 02: Psalms 97.1-98.9 Pray for Kiera as she does intensive study to improve her knowledge of the national language. May she have good success!

03: Joshua 13.15-33 Please pray for the final phase of the TfN recruitment process. May the leadership team have wisdom & discernment to make their selection.

04-05: Joshua 14-15.1-19 Pray for God’s light to shine bright during the national holiday in SE Asia celebrated by the majority faith.

06: Joshua 19.49-20.9 Pray for Wren, an MSI field worker who is celebrating his birthday today. May he sense the Lord’s pleasure as he serves sacrificially.

07: Genesis 11.1-9 Pray for TfN interns who will be moving to new schools. Please pray that their transition would be smooth.

08: Acts 2.1-21 Please pray that God’s presence would be felt & children’s lives would be changed in MSI schools throughout SE Asia.

Sunday 09-10: Psalms 104 Please pray for the graduation at our flagship school. Pray that it would be a time of great celebration & blessing for the graduates & their families.

11-12: Acts 13.1-41 Thank God for his continued faithfulness on the island of Promise! May God continue to supply for every need.

13: Acts 13.42-14.7 Pray for grace & peace for the TfN interns who are serving in the field.

14-15: Proverbs 8 Thank God for a faithful donor who has agreed to sponsor 2 students who have come to CNA from the island of Promise! Please pray for these students as they are studying far away from their families.

Sunday 16-17: Proverbs 15 Happy Father’s Day! Please pray that the fathers in the field would be blessed & honored as they faithfully serve.

18: Joshua 21.43-22.12 Please pray for good health & longevity for our MSI board members. May they have wisdom in their oversight.

19-20: Joshua 22.13-23.16 Please pray for Eric & Hannah at CEC as they desire to have children. Pray that their hearts would be filled with hope & faith as they continue to trust God.

21: Psalms 42-43 Pray that children in Mustard Seed schools would hunger & thirst to know God.

22: Isaiah 65.1-10 Pray for the daughter of MSI field workers as she celebrates her 3rd birthday today. May she grow to know the Lord & wholeheartedly serve Him.

Sunday 23: Luke 8.26-39 Praise God for the prosperity of the crops & livestock at Victory Place! May this land continue to be a blessing to our students, as they learn to farm.

24: Luke 1.57-80 Please pray that the children in Lakanay & Lakana Jakran would be impacted by the work of CEC. Also pray that CEC would be able to expand to other parts of SE Asia.

25: 1 Kings 19 Please pray for health & strength for all those serving in SE Asia. May they be shielded from sickness & disease so they can continue to teach & serve.

26: Galatians 5.7-26 Thank God for the faithful work of MYC. Pray that they would have wisdom as they influence & guide many young people in making crucial decisions about their future.

27: Psalms 77 Thank the Lord that He alone works miracles! May the nations see His mighty power.

27: Deuteronomy 34 Please pray that, like Moses, our international director would have eyes to see the land that the Lord has given him.

28-29: 2 Timothy 3.10-4.22 Pray that MSI teachers & TfN interns will always be prepared to preach the word of God, while patiently correcting, rebuking & encouraging students with good teaching.

Sunday 30: Luke 9.43-62 Thank God for our faithful donors & prayer partners.  Pray for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones today.

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