May 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Apr 30, 2020

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May 2020


“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
James 5:16

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Pray for the Spirit of hope to come against the spirit of fear. May all of our field workers, site leaders, TfN students, teachers and children be voices of hope during this adversity. May they be bold in faith, strong in compassion and overflow in kindness to their families and neighbours.

Please pray for our International Field Director and site leaders to have courage and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to take necessary action, when needed, to protect our teachers, students and the children whom we cared for.

Pray for protection for all teachers, students and children who live in malaria-prone areas. May God protect them and cover them during this fragile time.

Pray for God to limit and stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, especially in remote areas where medical personnel, hospitals and access to water are scarce.

Pray for one TransformNation student who is currently sick with typhoid fever and was admitted to the hospital. May she gain strength and make a full recovery. Please pray for protection from other diseases during her hospital stay.

Pray for all students who are not attending school at the moment. This generation may be going through the first crisis in their lifetime. May God give them strength and protect them from depression, suicidal thoughts and spending excessive time on the internet, where they may be susceptible to hoaxes, pornography and anything that may suck them in or give them false comfort.

Thank God for churches in North America who provide support and prayer for the work of MSI in Southeast Asia. Every one of them are being impacted in profound ways by this crisis. Some of our friends are sick, losing jobs, uncertain of the future and overwhelmed. Please pray for protection for each one of us: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

May God encourage us and draw us to Himself. May He comfort us with His word. May we be reminded of His faithfulness. Lord, give us peace that passes all understanding and may Your joy be our strength.


MAY 1 / MATTHEW 10:1-15 We pray for Constance, a TfN intern, who has a heart for one of her hyperactive students, Intang. She asks for wisdom for how to best approach and love Intang.

MAY 2 – 3 / MATTHEW 10:16-31 Today is Indonesian Education Day. We bless the leaders and decision makers who run the Ministry of Education. May God move them to continue supporting education in remote villages.

MAY 4 / ACTS 5:1-16 Let us pray for the 15 students who will enter the TfN program this year. May the Holy Spirit prepare their hearts and protect them from any plans that would try to hinder God’s purpose for them.

MAY 5 / ACTS 5:17-42 Please pray that the Lord would grant the TfN Recruitment Team healthy minds, hearts, and bodies as they are still in the process of interviewing TfN applicants.

MAY 6 / PSALM 31:1-13 Please pray for Jim and Nita, the leaders at S Village, to have wisdom in managing their school in an animist environment.

MAY 7 / PSALM 31:14-24 We pray for SOH Children’s Home that is still struggling to fix the leaks in their roof.

MAY 8 / EZEKIEL 37:15-28 Let us pray that our field team can learn to develop and share their personal testimonies to magnify God’s work in their lives.

MAY 9 – 10 / JOHN 14:1-14 As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we pray for our supporters and donors who are biological and/or spiritual mothers. May God bless their hearts, health and families.

MAY 11 / ACTS 6:1-15 Pray for our site leaders who are also parents. May God guide those who are dealing with heart-breaking issues with their children.

MAY 12 / ACTS 7:1-22 Pray for the TfN students who are in their 3rd year. They are assigned to teach Christianity in government schools for 5 months in the city. May God give them courage and wisdom to use this opportunity to share the love of Christ.

MAY 13 / ACTS 7:23-38 May God give MSI leaders creativity to overcome obstacles as our school in the Spice Islands plans to add more classes.

MAY 14 / ACTS 1:12-26 Please pray for Hetra, a 2nd year TfN student, who requests prayer for his health, studies and relationship with God.

MAY 15 / ACTS 7:39-60 We pray for Ari, a site leader on the Island of Promise, who is looking for a place for his family to live and struggling with the rental cost.

MAY 16 – 17 / JOHN 14:15-31 Pray for the school in S Village that is looking to extend its operational permit. May they continue to bless the people around them.

MAY 18 / ACTS 17:16-34 We pray for protection for our students and teachers on the Island of Promise who are threatened by dengue fever season and healing for those who have fallen sick.

MAY 19 / PSALM 47:1-9 Please pray for Prina, a 2nd year TfN student, who is struggling to remain faithful to God and committed to the program. May God guide her to be responsible and humble.

MAY 20 / LUKE 24:36-53 We pray for Constance, a TfN intern, who is praying for her sister who is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and faced with having to raise the child alone.

MAY 21 / ACTS 1:1-11 As we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus Christ, we ask God to help us to stay committed to the Great Commission.

MAY 22 / MATTHEW 28:16-20 We pray for churches in North America to increase in their understanding of God’s heart for the nations of the world.

MAY 23 – 24 / 1 PETER 4:7-19 Today is the celebration day led by the majority faith. May God’s peace and unity prevail over difference and division.

MAY 25 / JOHN 17:1-17 We pray for our field workers who are in touch with people from other religions and backgrounds. May they represent God’s love and truth in everything they do.

MAY 26 / ACTS 2:1-21 Please pray for TfN students who are struggling to study without personal laptops, as their parents can’t provide them. Grant them resilience to be able to stay motivated despite their limitations.

MAY 27 / NUMBERS 11:16-30 We praise God that He made a way to reach children on the Gapanau Islands. Bless the couple who started the school in this location.

MAY 28 / EXODUS 19:1-20a Praise God for the people on the Gapanau Islands who have been praying to have a school and teachers. May God bless them as they prepare to welcome our teachers.

MAY 29 / ROMANS 8:18-30 God Bless Mark and Randy, our TfN interns, who have been assigned to our new site on the Gapanau Islands. May the Lord guide them as they prepare their hearts and bodies to go.

MAY 30 – 31 / JOHN 7:25-39 Please pray for Tania, a first year TfN student, to be able to share the love of God with her parents. She also asks for wisdom in her teaching practices.

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