May 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Apr 29, 2021

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Prayer Fellowship

May 2021


MAY 1 – 2 / JOHN 14:1-14
As we celebrate Indonesian Education Day, God we ask that through us, You would raise up godly leaders who will bring transformative education and open up new opportunities for children & their families to live fuller lives and discover their futures filled with Your promises.

MAY 3 / ISAIAH 30:19-33
God, please bless the TfN recruitment process. May You choose and send to us those who will serve You through this program.

MAY 4 / 1 JOHN 5:1-8
We thank You, Lord, for the calling You have given to TfN interns, Harta, Evan & Martin, to pioneer a school in a Papuan village next year.

MAY 5 / JOHN 14:15-31
Lord, we pray for all TfN students in Class E who will graduate from the first phase of the program this year. Some of them have not been able to see their families in the past 4 years but will be deployed to serve for yet another 4 years. Please bless them with the opportunity to see their loved ones.

MAY 6 / JOHN 15:9–16:4a
We thank you Lord, that Elisa (TfN Intern) has adjusted so well in her new role in Papua. She asks for strength and patience while teaching, and steady growth in her relationship with God.

MAY 7 / PSALM 98
We give thanks for your blessings over Raymond & Alicia’s (TfN Interns) wedding in Kalimantan. They are now back serving the children in Papua.

MAY 8 – 9 / ACTS 10:34-48
On this Mother’s Day, we bless all women leaders who serve You faithfully through MSI sites. Give them wisdom and strength to lead their families, students, and communities.

MAY 10 / PSALM 1
We thank You for the two students at M Youth Centre who came to know You. May they continue to grow in You.

MAY 11 / PSALM 47
We pray for Blessing Preschool’s students who struggle to study at home because of not having access to devices to communicate with their teachers.

MAY 12 / PSALM 93
We thank You, Lord, that the students at K school can take turns to continue coming to the school.

MAY 13 / ACTS 1:1-11
We pray for the leaders and local teachers at S Village. The local teachers’ highest education may be junior high school, but they bear the responsibility of teaching many students.

MAY 14 / ACTS 1:12-26
Lord, may You continue to keep the unity between the leaders in the field as well as keep the harmony between parents, community leaders, and the government.

MAY 15 – 16 / 1 JOHN 5:9-21
We pray that you open many hearts and doors so that the MSI North American office can continue to raise funds for Your work in Indonesia.

MAY 17 / 2 JOHN 1-13
We pray for the families of each of our site leaders. Bless their health, protect them, give them strength to finish their studies, and may they yearn to grow in spiritual maturity.

MAY 18 / 3 JOHN 1-15
Lord please open the door for Jonathan who plans to marry his fiancée this year. May You provide everything he needs.

MAY 19 / ROMANS 8:18-30
We pray for the children who joined the after-school program and sports clubs. We know You created these children with a curiosity to learn. May you give every girl and boy the chance to know about their identity and talents, so that they would bless the world through the clubs.

MAY 20 / GENESIS 11:1-9
We pray for the outreach program at C Empowerment Centre. May more students receive Your love and live out their potential to the fullest.

MAY 21 / 2 CORINTHIANS 8:1-15
God, please guide Kiera in leading the Bible study group and bless her efforts in developing the “I Love Reading” curriculum. May her work influence many students to know more about You.

MAY 22 – 23 / JOHN 16:4b-15
Lord, we pray for the team on the Spice Islands. May they continue to mentor children and youth. Bless also the vegetable farming initiative
they have started.

MAY 24 / ACTS 2:1-21
We pray for the plan to open a soccer school on the Island of Promise. May you send many childrento this school and lead the mentors to train them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

MAY 25 / ISAIAH 6:1-13
God, please open the doors to fund the school’s development on the Island of Promise. They need resources to build the second floor and bring fresh water to the school.

MAY 26 / REVELATION 4:1-11
Faithful Shepherd, we pray for You to help parents understand the value of their children’s education. May parents and other family members surround children with the support and encouragement to become all You desire them to be.

MAY 27 / REVELATION 15:1-8
Lord, we lift onto you the 9 students of TfN’s class H who are in their first year of the program. Put Your righteousness in their hearts and Your words on their lips. Lead them through challenges so they can understand how to spark hope and hone skills in others to better their future.

MAY 28 / PSALM 86
Lord we pray that MSI’s classrooms not only fill the students with knowledge, but may the children also learn wisdom, discernment, and integrity. Help the team create an environment where the students can study and flourish.

MAY 29 – 30 / JEREMIAH 10:1-16
We give thanks for MSI’s faithful donors. Lord, we ask for new donors from the younger generation to support Your work and be inspired by Your faithfulness.

MAY 31 / LUKE 1:39-56
We praise You that millions more children are getting an education now than a decade ago. We ask for Your continued blessing on MSI’s work to
educate children in Indonesia.

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