Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship May 2022

by | Apr 30, 2022

MAY 1 / JOHN 14:1-14
Ask God to fill each student dormitory with love, light, and peace so that dorm life can be positive and healthy.

MAY 2 / ACTS 9:23-43
Teaching teams don’t always agree. Pray for Siela, Vano, and Samantha on Spice Island to develop in their ability to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit in all decisions that they make.

MAY 3 / ACTS 10:1-18
The team on Spice Island continues to adapt well to the village community, giving tremendous support to the church and its youth. Praise God!

MAY 4 / ACTS 10:19-33
Pray for the local government on Spice Island to complete the process of licensing the school.

MAY 5 / ACTS 10:34-48
School enrollment is increasing as the community on Gapanau Island grows in trust. Pray for God’s guidance as they plan to open a Grade 2 class in July.

Praise God for the contribution the Gapanau team makes to the local church; leading youth fellowship and sometimes preaching.

MAY 7 – 8 / ISAIAH 25:1-9
Give thanks for the nurturing influence of biological and spiritual mothers throughout the world this Mother’s Day.

MAY 9 / ACTS 11:1-18
Pray for TfN interns preparing for transition in and out of Gapanau Island this July.

MAY 10 / ACTS 11:19-30
Harta, Martin, and Evan are passionate and diligent. They respect the children, teaching them good habits in praising a loving God, personal hygiene, and manners.

MAY 11 / PSALM 148
Neighboring villages see what Harta has come home to do in his village. They want help starting a school too. Please pray.

MAY 12 / REVELATION 21:1-21
Pray for our humble teachers to remain great role models for others.

MAY 13 / JOHN 13:16-35
Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of village people.

MAY 14-15 / ACTS 1:12-26
Tirta is pioneering a school in his home village with the help of local people. Praise God for the opportunity four of his helpers will have to participate in the 3-month Elevate teacher training program.

MAY 16 / REVELATION 21:22-22:5
The Island of Promise ‘Hub’ school now has a second floor to welcome a Grade 4 class. They set the bar high for good education and coach the teachers in the village schools for success. Praise God.

MAY 17 / PSALM 67
The Island of Promise ‘Hub’ school staff are excited to see ten village teachers take training in the Elevate program and four of the schools progress to include elementary classes.

MAY 18 / JOHN 14:15:31
Pray for the ‘Hub’ team on the Island of Promise to continue to be a great blessing.

MAY 19 / ACTS 15:1-21
All 18 village schools on the Island of Promise persevered and continued throughout the pandemic. Praise God!

MAY 20 / ACTS 15:22-41
Our Grade 1 students on Rusen Island can read and count. This achievement is rare on this island. Praise God for dedicated teachers.

MAY 21-22 / ACTS 16:15
Pray for nothing to get in the way of Paul and Cyndi Richardson’s time with The Lakeway Church in Texas this Sunday.

MAY 23 / PSALM 84
Pray for protection and good health for the Richardsons as they share Mustard Seed stories of hard work and God sightings.

Pray for reunions and new opportunities for the Richardsons to bolster faith and hope in South Carolina and Georgia this week.

MAY 25 / PSALM 47
Praise God for turning one Jr. High school student’s heart from anger to forgiveness when his father took a second wife.

MAY 26 / LUKE 24:36-53
Principal Kashi teaches a Leadership Class for Jr. High students in Papua. Praise God for the opportunity she has to teach and reach this young generation.

MAY 27 / ACTS 1:1-11
CI School has grown to 306 students from kindergarten to Grade 7. Give thanks for preparations underway to open an additional class for Grade 8 this July.

MAY 28-29 / ACTS 16:16-40
Pray for the children at Slippery Rock who have come to the home unprepared for the grade levels that they are supposed to be in according to their age. It’s so tough for them to catch up.

MAY 30 / REVELATION 22:6-21
Pray for Pastor Santosa’s dream of providing Bible training for neighboring village leaders.

MAY 31 / LUKE 1:39-56
Give thanks for the generous flow of prayers supplied by Mustard Seed partners.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.