Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship May 2023

by | Apr 30, 2023

MAY 01 / JOHN 14:1-14
Please pray for the transition of a school principal on Gapanau Island. Pray for Maria (TfN intern) who will lead for the next term.

MAY 02 / ACTS 6:1-7:1
Today is Indonesian Education Day. We bless the leaders and decision makers who run the Ministry of Education. May God move them to continue supporting education in remote villages.

MAY 03 / ACTS 7:2-22
Pray for Amy (TfN trainee) to have patience with the children.

MAY 04 / ACTS 7:23-43
Hannah (TfN trainee) is praying to maintain spiritual discipline in the midst of all her other responsibilities and activities.

MAY 05 / ACTS 7:44-8:1a
Tori (TfN trainee) asks for prayer for the 13 students she taught on her mission trip assignment. May they continue to grow in their faith.

MAY 06-07 / PSALM 31:1-13
Joseph (TfN trainee) is praying for his students, Restu and Jesika, as they both have challenges keeping their faith in the midst of unsupportive family members.

MAY 08 / ACTS 8:1b-13
Please pray for the children on Celebes Island to be a blessing to their families.

MAY 09 / ACTS 8:14-25
MSI partner school on Celebes Island opened a children’s drop-in program. Please pray for these children to start building meaningful relationships with TfN interns, Rita and Kari, who are serving as their teachers.

MAY 10 / ACTS 17:1-15
Please pray for Dalia (TfN trainee) who struggles to forgive her uncle.

MAY 11 / ACTS 17:16-34
Patricia (TfN trainee) is feeling defeated as her brother decided to give up his faith. Please pray for her and her brother.

MAY 12 / JOHN 14:15-31
Please pray for Harta (TfN alumnus) who was recently hospitalized with malaria.

MAY 13-14 / JOHN 15:1-17
As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we pray for all the women in our lives who have taken on the role of a mother. May God bless their hearts, health, and families.

MAY 15 / ACTS 1:12-26
We praise you Lord, for the progress of the school building in the Papuan Highlands, in the midst of many challenges. May this physical development also impact the spiritual development of Harta, his team, the students, and their community.

MAY 16 / EPHESIANS 1:3-23
Martin (TfN intern) feels called to learn more about leadership. Please pray that God will connect and equip him with the right tools and resources.

MAY 17 / PSALM 68:1-20
Please pray that God will expel defiling evil spirits that attempt to disturb the peace at the Kumbang Youth Center.

MAY 18 / PSALM 68:21-35
Leland (TfN alumnus) has been blessed to continue his studies by pursuing a master’s degree. Please pray for his future plans.

MAY 19 / PSALM 47
Many TfN students from Class J are feeling homesick in their first year of the program. Please pray for them and their families.

MAY 20-21 / 1 PETER 4:7-19
Praise the Lord for the laptop matching program! Many students are able to earn a laptop to help their studies.

MAY 22 / JOHN 17:1-17
Neil (TfN trainee) is thanking God for the reconciliation between his parents that brought them back together. He asks for continued prayer for his parents.

MAY 23 / NUMBERS 11:16-35
Cammie (TfN trainee) is praising the Lord for Dodo, her Sunday school student, who was healed of brain cancer.

MAY 24 / PSALM 104:1-18
Please pray for Ellen (TfN trainee) who is still in pain from a traumatic event during her childhood. She asks the Lord to teach her about forgiveness.

MAY 25 / PSALM 104:19-35
Please pray for the security of one of the schools in Papua. Several people under the influence of alcohol have been disturbing the teachers and students.

MAY 26 / ACTS 2:1-21
Praise the Lord that MSI Site Leader, Rasi, continues to heal from a broken arm.

MAY 27 / 1 CORINTHIANS 12:1-13
Please pray for Vania (TfN trainee) who recently lost her father. She and her family are still grieving.

MAY 28-29 / JOHN 7:25-39
Bidya (TfN trainee) is praying for her family to have a thirst to know Christ. Let’s support her in prayer.

MAY 30 / ROMANS 12:9-21
Please pray for Neva (TfN trainee) who often experiences emotional turbulence without knowing why, which has been disturbing her studies.

MAY 31 / PSALM 113
Lord, fill our mouths with the voice of victory and fill our places of worship with fire from heaven. To God be the glory!

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Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.