May We Die With No Regrets

by | Mar 4, 2020

May We Die With No Regrets

By Paul Richardson, the International Director of Mustard Seed

You want to really live, you say?
Achieve success? Touche
What are you doing today?
Wake up, get up
It’s time to grow up
Dig deep
You don’t need more sleep
Little dreams are for the weak
Get off the bandwagon
Slay your dragons
Build a life worth dying for
Strap on your boots get ready for war
Your future won’t just walk up to you
Enough lying there just making do
You’re stuck in neutral gotta break through
Put it in gear
Conquer your fear
Be a leader
Get on your feet
You belong in the captain’s seat
Set your course and never retreat

No more games!
Speak your name without shame
Make your claim
Don’t falsify
Say what you are
Shine like a star
The light of the world come out from the night
Sunrise illuminate the sky
Your worth unquantified

The LORD is your aspiration
His kingdom your nation
His glory your elation
Jesus is your adoration
His word your fascination
Matthew 5-7 your education
His character your formation
Sin your starvation
Total adaptation your concentration
Through suffering your liberation
Heaven is your destination
So then dare to dream for the salvation of a generation

Joseph dreamed of elevation
to lead a nation in times of desperation
saving people from starvation
But on his path to be exalted
he was brutally assaulted
Falsely faulted
What’s the price of a dream?
His own brothers left him seeing red
Beat him down, left him for dead
drowning in a pit

And your dream?
They’re gonna do everything to seize it, steal it, delete it
So rise up and seek it!
Conceive it! Believe in it
Go into battle to achieve it
Speak for it, and mean it
Fight for it like you need it
Don’t just start it, complete it
Redeem it, increase it

Don’t waste your life on fool’s gold
A God sized dream will make you bold
Love your God with all your heart and soul
His story will be told
but it will get you sold
There’s only one way
To activate what you say
you must pay
Face your judgment day
You will be unappreciated
Under compensated
Like Jesus, humiliated
Joseph, incarcerated

Yes it sounds strange call me deranged
But your mindset you must change
Exchange your life for greater gain
And in the end when all’s done
you will know that you have won
We all sit at the table
we all place our bets
May we die with no regrets