March 2020 Prayer Calendar

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Prayer Fellowship

March 2020

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16 

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MARCH 01 / GENESIS 2:15 – 3:15 May God open the eyes of new students in Papua to see the many exciting opportunities this semester brings.

MARCH 02 / MATTHEW 4:1-11 Pray for TfN teachers serving in Papua. May God help them to be enthusiastic and attentive to the children.

MARCH 03 / 2 TIM 1:1-18 Bless Seeds of Hope Children’s Home (SOH) for faithfully serving children.

MARCH 04 / PSALM 121:1-8 Pray for the renovation plan of SOH. The orphanage is struggling with leaky roof and structural repairs are needed.

MARCH 05 / ROMANS 4:1-12 Ask God to send more and more people who will support the daily living of the children at SOH.

MARCH 06 / ROMANS 4:13-25 Pray for Mr. & Mrs. Sendy, the leaders of SOH, who are getting older. May God keep them healthy and joyful.

MARCH 07-08 / NUMBERS 21:1-9 Pray for Yusuf & Rosa, who are taking over the management of SOH. May God give them creativity to help the children.

MARCH 09 / JOHN 3:1-21 As we celebrate the week of International Women Day, we pray for all women and girls who are serving with MSI. May they grow in understanding the character of God with an ever-deepening love for Him.

MARCH 10 / JOHN 4:27-54 We rejoice for the growth happening on the Island of Promise. We pray for a holy boldness and effectiveness in sharing the love of God in a wide variety of contexts, through their classrooms and projects.

MARCH 11 / EXODUS 17:1-16 Pray for two schools that were severely affected by tornadoes on the Island of Promise. Grant them shelter, comfort, and consolation to deal with the aftermath.

MARCH 12 / 1 CORINTHIANS 10:1-17 Pray for the construction progress of the hub school being built on the Island of Promise. May this project encourage many people to get involved and witness the provision of God.

MARCH 13 / EZEKIEL 33:1-20 We ask God to bless the local team on the Island of Promise. May they demonstrate Christian unity and manifest love towards fellow workers despite differences in background, viewpoints, and giftedness.

MARCH 14 – 15 / EZEKIEL 33:21 – 34:10 Pray for the process of transfering land from the government of the Spice Islands to MSI. May God bless the plan to establish a hub school in the Spice Islands.

MARCH 16 / EZEKIEL 34:11-31 Pray for Siela, TfN graduate who leads the school on the Spice Islands. She asks for divine wisdom in every decision she makes.

MARCH 17 / 1 CHRONICLE 17:1-15 Pray for Eva, Tamara, and Amanda, all TfN interns who are now serving the Spice Islands. May they treat the students and each others with care, love, and respect.

MARCH 18 / MATTHEW 5:1-12 Ask God to bless the students of the Spice Islands with the kind of study habits that will help them succeed academically.

MARCH 19 / PSALM 89:19-37 Pray for all TfN students who have lost their parents or loved ones but are not able to return home because of expensive travel costs. May God console their hearts with comfort and peace.

MARCH 20 / MATTHEW 1:1-17 We are grateful for Wiwik, the leader of P Junior High School. Bless her with a growing understanding of how to use the gifts God’s Spirit has given to her and her sick husband. May they grow in faith.

MARCH 21 – 22 / PSALM 23:1-6 Pray for students of Junior High students in P City. Bless all the staff with the ability to model and communicate truth and love to each child.

MARCH 23 / JOHN 9:24-41 Pray for Santosa & Leah, the leaders at River Village. May they daily experience the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit for their life and ministry.

MARCH 24 / LUKE 1:26-38 Pray for Rasi & Elok, that God will continue to protect their family after being displaced from their home as the result of unrest where they lived. May God guide them in their next steps.

MARCH 25 / EZEKIEL 37:1-14 Bless M Youth Centre (MYC) with Arti & Dadang as the leaders. May God guide them to lead MYC staff to constantly look for the most effective way to reach out to teenagers around them.

MARCH 26 / PSALM 130:1-8 Pray for our field workers and graduates who plan to get married this year. May God bless their plans to build holy Christian families.

MARCH 27 / ROMANS 8:1-17 Pray and bless our International Field Director and his family. Pray for wisdom in leading the team and directing programs with a mutually supportive and open relationship.

MARCH 28-29 / JOHN 11:20-44 Give thanks for all the donors and supporters who continue to show their faithfulness in doing God’s work!

MARCH 30 / JOHN 11:45-57 Please pray for MSI donors and supporters who experience struggle, hardship, and sickness. May the Lord hear and answer their prayers.

MARCH 31 / PSALM 45:1-17 Praise God for His faithfulness and all the works He’s done through us. May we grow deeper in a meaningful relationship with Him.

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  1. Samuel John Pulla

    WE asking God together in our Church every saturday in the Assembly prayer Meetings time. -Epf.3:14-20

    • Mustard Seed International

      Thank you so much for your support and prayers. God bless you