Merry Christmas 2020!

by | Dec 22, 2020

Merry Christmas 2020!

The Bible is full of stories of how God purposefully involved children to bring solutions to challenges in the world. Joseph, Miriam, Samuel, David, a child with two loaves and five fish… and Jesus. They show God’s preference for utilizing those whom we would least expect to do great things.


The story of nativity shows us that God chose the most vulnerable of humans, a newborn, to bring forth His divine purpose: the salvation of mankind.

As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we are reminded how great vulnerability and great power can exist together. Mustard Seed believes that God gives us an opportunity to participate in creating a great future for our world through the lives of vulnerable children.

This is the time to share, care, and bless those amongst us, who might be seen as “the least” but have been chosen by God to provide solutions to the challenges we are facing today.

For we know, among them are Josephs, Miriams, Samuels, and Davids… waiting to be found, to be loved, to be discipled.

These pictures show our teachers and students celebrating Christmas at school. This Christmas, please remember these children and their teachers in your prayers.

If God moves you today, please consider supporting them. Your donation will keep them in classrooms full of activities with loving teachers. No matter how big the flood that is coming our way, we will make sure these children receive the education they deserve!