Children on the Island of Promise Share Their First Mission Trip Journey

by | Jun 23, 2022

Mission trips are part of the curriculum at Mustard Seed schools. Because of the pandemic, this was the first year that the students on the Island of Promise were able to participate in this special experience.

“The purpose of the mission trip is to help our students learn generosity, gain loving hearts for their little brothers and sisters who live in remote villages, and also to help serve our village schools,” said Mrs. Wilson, MSI field worker.

The youngest participants on the trips were in Grade One. “Each trip was different,” Mrs Wilson explained. “Some trips were as close as 20 minutes from our hub school. Some were 1.5 hour trips by car and motorcycle.”

The students performed songs and dances, learned and played with the students, read God's Word and enjoyed meals together.

“I learned so many things on this trip. I learned how to help other kids; I learned how to share food. And I’m happy that I was able to encourage them to not easily give up,” said Eldad, a 3rd grade student.

“I had many experiences on the trip. I saw how difficult their lives are. But I can see how God loves the children in that village. We enjoyed sharing meals together, and we presented our songs to them,” shared Petra, a 3rd grade student.

Frengki, a 3rd grade student, said, “I had to keep myself from throwing up during the trip because of the rough journey. But I really enjoyed my role in leading a small kindergarten group learning about colors.”

“The village that we visited was experiencing crop failure because of the locust infestation,” said Ari, MSI site leader on the Island of Promise. “The village students were able to experience joy in the middle of the challenges their families were facing.”

Learning to get out of their comfort zones and blessing others is at the centre of these activities. Students were stretched to grow as they encountered uncomfortable situations, like being in humid weather, walking through hills and crossing rivers, being brave when teaching younger children, and overcoming timidity when sharing food with strangers. “These experiences build their character and their heart for service, which is the core of MSI schools,” Mrs. Wilson emphasized.

“I was very pleased with the trip, especially with participation from parents,” Mrs. Wilson added. “Parents were very generous in donating supplies, money, cars, and everything needed for the mission trips. Many parents voluntarily joined because they too wanted to bless the village schools.”

 Click the video below to watch their trip: