Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship June 2022

by | May 31, 2022

JUNE 1 / GENESIS 11:1-9
International Children’s Day: Children are God’s gifts to us to cherish and care for. Their time with us is short. Pray for the opportunity to give children our careful attention.

JUNE 2 / PSALM 104:1-18
TfN teachers-in-training teach religion class at local schools where there are no Christian teachers to provide a class for the Christian students. Join us in praying the following prayers of their students:
Pray for me to be healthy and strong (Tegar, Grade 4).

JUNE 3 / PSALM 104:19-35
My mom has a fever and a cough. Pray for her. Pray for God’s protection over me and my family
(Karen, Grade 5).

JUNE 4-5 / ACTS 2:1-21
Pray that I can be a smart student, obey my parents, and honor God even though I live in a community that doesn’t believe in God (Yoses, Grade 8).

JUNE 6 / ACTS 2:22-42
Pray for my dad’s health, so that he can work on the farm. Pray that the crops grow well and sell for a good price (Karen, Grade 5).

Pray that I can stay healthy and can be a smart boy. Pray that I can be responsible at school and at home as well (Christian, Grade 5).

JUNE 8 / PROVERBS 8:1-16
Pray for my final exam and for the senior high school that I will go to after I graduate from Junior High. I hope I can understand God’s will to choose a school. Pray that I can grow in faith and become closer to God (Felicia, Grade 9).

JUNE 9 / PROVERBS 8:17-36
Pray for the situation in my house. My mom is expecting a baby and she has become more sensitive. Lately she’s arguing a lot with my dad. I feel afraid when I see my dad get angry whenever they argue with each other (Mesya, Grade 9).

JUNE 10 / ACTS 12:1-19
Pray for my health, lately I have a sore throat, cough, and I am dizzy as well (Mesya, Grade 9).

JUNE 11-12 / ACTS 12:20-13:12
Pray for my preparation to participate in sports competitions at the provincial level in June and July.
I hope I use this opportunity to glorify God (Bella, Grade 9).

JUNE 13 / LUKE 7:1-17
Pray that I can pass my exam, and pray that the pandemic will be over soon (Putra, Grade 3).

JUNE 14 / LUKE 7:36-8:3
Give thanks for the Americans and Canadians who are participating in the Go the Distance Challenge
in support of the Island of Promise.

JUNE 15 / LUKE 8:4-21
Pray with the children on the Island of Promise:
Please pray for my mom who works as a cloth weaver, that she can sell her products (Ani, Grade 2).

JUNE 16 / LUKE 8:22-39
Please pray for our moms who are pregnant (Dika, Grade 1; Illin & Radith, Grade 2; Alvaro, Grade 3).

JUNE 17 / LUKE 8:40-56
Please pray for our family members who are sick with dengue fever (Kimi & Gio, Grade 1; Putra, Michell, Umbu, Azkha, Rafa, & Chalysta, Grade 2).

JUNE 18-19 / LEVITICUS 25:1-17
Please pray for my older sister who is studying on another island far away (Maria, Grade 3).

JUNE 20 / PROVERBS 15:1-20
Pray that the coronavirus will be gone soon (Edlyne, Grade 1).

JUNE 21 / GALATIANS 5:11-26
Please pray for my brother whose foot is injured because he was hit by a motorcycle (Rana, Grade 1).

JUNE 22 / ISAIAH 40:1-17
Please pray for our school building development to be finished soon (Mentari, Grade 2).

JUNE 23 / ISAIAH 40:18-31
Pray for my classmates and my teachers to keep healthy and not get sick (Angel, Grade 2).

JUNE 24 / PSALM 85
Please pray that we will have plenty of water this summer (Serli, Grade 2).

JUNE 25-26 / LUKE 9:46-62
Pray that my family will harvest lots of corn from our land this season (Mikal, Grade 4).

JUNE 27 / PSALM 87
Please ask God to get rid of locusts that invade our farms (Toni, Grade 4).

JUNE 28 / 2 TIMOTHY 3:10-4:5
Please pray for my mom and dad to be able to take care of me (Baldev, Grade 2).

JUNE 29 / 2 TIMOTHY 4:6-22
I fell and my right shoulder is really hurt. Please pray that God would heal me (Edon, Grade 3).

We give thanks for all the Go the Distance participants and supporters who finished their challenge today. We pray that every donation will transform lives through education and open ways for God’s love to move across Indonesia.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.