More than 76,000 people were evacuated from their homes when Mount Kelud, one of Java's most active volcanos, erupted on February 13, 2014.

Lightning lit up the night sky while Kelud spewed ash and debris. The powerful eruption could be heard more than 200 kilometers away. When morning dawned ash filled the air and covered the landscape.

Mustard Seed International's teachers training program, TransformNation (TfN), is located in a city less than 40 km's from Mount Kelud.

Favorable winds blew the ash cloud away from the city, and left it nearly unaffected by the disaster. Yet MSI staff and TfN took action to help in the affected towns and villages.

After a trip to assess the needs, and seeing the Indonesian government and Red Cross response to aid evacuees, 3 MSI staff took 8 T students to the Ngantang area where they delivered 100 boxes of food, water, and masks to relief workers. The TfN students served the many people who were working hard to help people evacuate, including people taking care of roads, monitoring bridges, and shoveling ash off the streets.

This is just one of many examples of how MSI's TransformNation program is developing young people to impact their community through more than just classroom teaching. TfN is shaping future community leaders with compassionate hearts and a willingness to serve in Jesus’ Name.