November 2018 Prayer Calendar

by | Nov 2, 2018

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Prayer Fellowship

November 2018

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him and bless His name.”

Psalm 100:4 NKJV

Thursday November 01: John 11.17-44 Pray for education in Dian’s village. There are small schools, but teachers are scarce and do not teach well.

02: Isaiah 25.1-9 Victory Place has become a training ground. Praise God for onsite classes in growing organic vegetables, making organic fertilizers and preserving bamboo.

03: Mark 12.28-37 Pray for Mustard Seed’s annual event that takes place today in Toronto, ON. May God use Faith as she speaks and stir the hearts of those that attend with joy and thanksgiving for His goodness.

Sunday 04-05: Ruth 1-2 Pray for God’s blessing on the new short-term, 3-month, teacher training that has resulted in kindergartens starting in eight villages on the Island of Promise (Promise).

06-07: Ruth 3-4 Give thanks for the increase of four interns; Constance, Mark, Jordan and Erin who joined Seila on Promise this July.

08: Hebrews 9.16-10.10 Praise God for the invitation Mustard Seed received to train all the elementary teachers in a region on the Promise.

09: Psalm 127-129 Give thanks for the interns’ eager hearts to train and teach. Already they have held teacher enrichment training for government teachers from all over East Promise.

10: Mark 12.37-13.2 Pray for Mustard Seed’s event that takes place today in Austin, TX. May new connections be made to expand our work for His kingdom.

Sunday 11: Isaiah 26.1-19 Praise God for the open door to serve in East Promise’s educational system that impacts over 50,000 children.

12-13: 1 Samuel 1 Parents don’t always value education. Pray for them to encourage their children attend school.

14: Psalm 16 Parents get gifts of livestock when their daughters marry. Pray for the success of a plan to provide pigs and goats to villages to raise funds for themselves and for their children’s education.

15-16: Hebrews 10.11-11.2 Praise God for donors who have stepped up to support our teachers-in-training. And give thanks for donor financial sacrifices and letter writing.

17 Sunday 18: Mark 13.3-37 Pray for Indonesia, that God would bring peace among the tribes and resolve conflict.

19: Samuel 19.24-39 Mustard Seed’s US Director, Craig Jeffrey, is celebrating his birthday today. Pray for God’s blessings.

20-21: Psalm 18 People from all over enroll their children in MSI schools. Pray for the love of Christ to permeate their experience and for their hearts to be open to the Gospel.

22: 2 Samuel 23.1-7 As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States today, may we remember the One who deserves our utmost gratitude.

23: Revelation 1.1-8 Join 100 pastors praying to God to somehow open the way for Christian schools to be opened on a cluster of northern Indonesian islands.

24: Mark 14.53-15.5 Pray for the process to open our own university. The progress has been slow.

Sunday 25: John 18.28-19.6 Pray for interns, Raymond, Alicia, and Leland as they settle into the culture of their teaching placements in Eastern Indonesia.

26: Psalm 25 Pray for our efforts to start 10 new Christian schools in the eastern highlands that would become feeder schools to the Mustard Seed high school which is well established.

27: Jeremiah 33.1-13 Pastor Santosa’s village has built a dormitory for children from neighboring villages so they can attend school. Praise God!

28: Jeremiah 33.14-26 Pray for Lloyd, his wife and their two small children. They are far from family as they serve with Mustard Seed.

29: Romans 10 Lloyd has taken on a new role of Principal for MSI’s primary schools. He will work closely with the school principal on Promise.  Join him in prayer for God’s wisdom to guide him.

30: Matthew 4.12-25 Thank God for the continued growth of the TfN program. Pray for new applicants in the upcoming year of 2019-20.

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