Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship November 2022

by | Oct 30, 2022

Praise God for the 52 children raised and discipled at Seeds of Hope (SOH) Children’s Home.

NOVEMBER 2 / JOHN 11:17-37
Pray for God to provide a school bus or means of transportation for the children at SOH Children’s Home.

Yusak & Fosa (MSI site leaders at SOH) ask God to give them wisdom and clarity to guide the SOH children to grow their faith in Christ.

Please pray for TfN Class G who are entering their final year. They are preparing for their thesis and final test.

NOVEMBER 5-6 / LUKE 20:1-18
Please pray that God give Elisa (TfN intern) strength as she wishes to continue working with TfN after finishing her internship.

NOVEMBER 7 / LUKE 20:19-40
Please pray for the book publishing project that will share impactful stories and teaching experiences from the Papuan Highlands.

NOVEMBER 8 / LUKE 21:5-24
The school on Rusen Island is waiting for a long term contract with the government. They would appreciate your prayers on this matter today.

Michael (TfN intern) is praying for his students, Habel, Nona, and Yulani, who are falling behind academically. He really wants to help them. Please pray for Michael and these students.

NOVEMBER 10 / ISAIAH 65:17-25
Praise God for the 30 new students on Nipa Island. May they continue to grow to their full potential and build strong relationships between their parents and teachers.

Evan (TfN intern) is praying to start a school in his village in the Papuan Highlands. Please pray for this vision.

Please pray for the TfN interns who are currently in romantic relationships with fellow interns. May God keep them pure, sacred, and aligned with His vision.

Please pray for TfN interns who are praying and hoping for future spouses. May God lead them to the right person.

Praise be to God for leading and protecting Elly
(TfN Director) during her journey to Gapanau Island. It took four days to reach the school. She overcame many things and the journey was a success!

NOVEMBER 16 / JOHN 18:28-38
Harta (TfN graduate) asks for prayer on behalf of a student who lost her father and uncle in the revengeful attacks of a tribe war. May God keep her and help her to forgive.

NOVEMBER 17 / 2 SAMUEL 5:1-12
Tirta (TfN graduate), serving in the Papuan Highlands, has been diagnosed with a lung infection. Please pray for him.

NOVEMBER 18 / 2 SAMUEL 7:1-17
Grade 3 students at the school that Tirta leads need books and school supplies. May God provide for their needs.

NOVEMBER 19-20 / 2 SAMUEL 22:1-28
Elisa (TfN intern) desires to be financially independent by using her skills as a seamstress and artist. She asks for prayer for her vision to start an after-school program and fund it.

NOVEMBER 21 / 2 SAMUEL 22:29-51
Let’s pray with Karin (TfN student) who wants her parents to come to know Christ.

NOVEMBER 22 / 1 KINGS 22:41-53
Join TfN students who are far away from their families in prayer. Some have been distracted with familial concerns. Pray for peace.

NOVEMBER 23 / LUKE 17:20-37
Elevate teachers on the Island of Promise started their new training. Please pray for them.

NOVEMBER 24 / LUKE 21:25-38
Praise God for Lionel (TfN intern) who teaches computer lessons for kindergarten students. In the beginning, he was struggling with confidence and lacked technique, but now he has found his way.

Lionel is yearning to grow closer to God. Sometimes he feels spiritually tired and lost. Please keep him in prayer.

NOVEMBER 26-27 / ISAIAH 2:1-5
Praise the Lord for the new Ladybug Youth Development Center in Kumbang that started in August. Through this center may many children come to know God loves them and learn new skills. The aim of the center is to reach out to troubled street kids.

NOVEMBER 28 / MICAH 5:2-15
We give thanks for Leland (TfN Graduate) and
his leadership skills as he leads Irina, Meli, and Erto
(TfN interns) in starting the Ladybug Youth Development Center in Kumbang.

NOVEMBER 29 / JOHN 1:19-34
Please pray for TfN students who are preparing to teach and disciple students from different schools. Pray for courage, love, strength, and wisdom for them.

NOVEMBER 30 / JOHN 1:35-51
Pray for the North American Board who is focused on strategic planning for Mustard Seed International.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.