October 2019 Prayer Calendar

by | Oct 1, 2019

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Prayer Fellowship

October 2019

“How amazing are the deeds of the Lord!  All who delight in him should ponder them.” Psalms 111:2

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01-02: Lamentations 1-2 Give thanks to the Lord for opening doors for the work of MSI across Southeast Asia! May God’s love impact the lives of all those we come in contact with.

03-05: Lamentations 3 Give thanks for the tremendous support given to the TfN students by experienced teachers!

Sunday 06: Luke 17.1-10 Give thanks to God for our newest school in the Spice Islands! Please pray for TfN intern, Tamara who is serving there. She desires to know God more through everything she experiences.

07-08: Lamentations 4-5 Thank God for the new TfN class and all their enthusiasm. They are a determined bunch!

09: Psalms 110-111 Thanks be to God for the abundance of produce harvested at Victory Place!

10-11: 2 Kings 5 Please pray with Siela, a TfN intern serving at our newest school, who asks that the way would be made clear for students coming from neighboring villages.

12: 2 Timothy 2.1-13 Please pray for our International Director as he is going through the rehabilitation process after a successful surgery.

Sunday 13: Luke 17.11-19 Please pray for TfN intern, Heidi, as she is teaching on the island of Promise. She requests prayer that she would establish herself in her new home; namely, finding a place of worship, new friends, good relationships with her student’s parents and her work partner. Please also pray for healing for her mother who is sick.

14: Psalms 66 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” (1 Chron. 16.34)

15: Jeremiah 31.23-40 Please pray for Lydia, a TfN intern serving on the island of Promise, that she would be open to learning new things as she serves there for the next 2 years.

16: Genesis 32.9-32 Give thanks that the retaining wall surrounding Slippery Rock children’s home is almost complete! Pray for its completion and subsequent successful control of flooding.

17: Psalms 119.89-104 Please pray for TfN intern, Raymond, as he desires to start a music club. May his enthusiasm and tenacity increase as he continues to serve there.

18: Luke 1.1-4 Praise God for the growing River school! A dormitory now accommodates students from neighboring villages.

19: Luke 18.1-17 Please pray for a child at an MSI school who recently lost his mother. May the Lord comfort & strengthen him during this difficult time.

Sunday 20: Psalms 121-122 Please pray for the family of TfN intern, Constance, as her mother is elderly and her sister has malaria and low blood pressure.

21: Jeremiah 14 Thank the Lord that He continues to give our TfN interns passion, enthusiasm and inspiration to teach from the heart.

22: Psalms 65 Please pray that the teaching team on the island of Promise would grow strong and implement the curriculum well.

23: Psalms 84 Pray for Wilson as she focuses on the work of TfN interns in their fifth-eighth year of the TfN program. Pray for adequate emotional and spiritual support for these interns.

24: Joel 2.18-32 Please pray for Leland, a TfN intern, to be disciplined in his studies and hear from God about how he can be a better teacher.

25: Luke 8.40-56 Praise God for Mustard Seed supporters. Together they reap Kingdom rewards!

26-Sunday 27: Luke 18.18-43 Please pray for TfN intern, Tabitha, as she adjusts to a new group of students. May she be an example of God’s love to them.

28: Jude 1-25 Pray for Eric and Hannah’s search for more suitable accommodation for CEC. They are looking for a place where they could also mentor the parents of the children they are helping.

29: Habakkuk 1.1-11 Please pray for students who cannot attend school because of unpaid tuition. May the Lord provide for them!

30: Habakkuk 2.5-20 Please pray for James, a TfN intern, who desires to be an example to others. May he be a leader and an encouragement to his peers!

31: Psalms 46 Praise God for opening doors for MSI on 7 islands! Please pray for good communication and safety on all of the islands where Mustard Seed serves.

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