Kashi is exceptional.

5.2003.10DSC01457DaniKidsShe comes from a city of approximately 10,000
 people on an island where more than 36% (1) of adults cannot read or
 write. She lives in a country where fewer than 23% (2) of the population
 has the privilege of continuing their education in University, and the
 average student leaves school by the age of 13 (3). Yet she has risen
 above the average. She worked against the odds to complete her high
 school education where she was at the top of her class. Now, she is
 studying with MSI's teacher training program TransformNation (TfN) and
 when she is finished she will be in the top 13% (4) of educated
 Indonesians, graduating with an education degree, and trained beyond
 what University has to offer in leadership skills, creativity, and

Kashi dreams of “seeing my city led by local Papuans who fear God. To
 realize this dream, Papua needs high-quality Christian teachers, and I
 am excited about the possibility that TransformNation (TfN) has provided for
 me to play a role in Papua’s transformation.“
 Kashi, and MSI's other TfN students and graduates know that through
 education they will be agents of change. They will bring hope to the
 hopeless child. They know, as famous American astronaut and educator
 Christa McAuliffe once said, “I teach, I
 touch the future.


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