AndrewBby Paul Richardson

Name: Andrew
I was born in a simple family where my mother was a housewife and my father was a farmer and then a fisherman. The two of them were remarkable managing to bring home necessities in our house. I have four siblings three of which are teachers. They are my encouragement when I feel down.

I came to know God after being in a motorcycle accident. As I was being rushed to the hospital I said “God please help me”. I felt God’s presence and saw His work while recovering. From there I knew that I wanted to be with God for all eternity.

My dream for the future is to build schools for children whose parents might not otherwise be able to send to school and also the children who dropped out of school. I want the schools to be useful and be a blessing to the students as well as the community around it.KristaB

Please pray for me in this way. That I increase in knowledge, be a blessing and help children who are less fortunate than I. Please pray that I will be a teacher that the Lord can use to win children to Christ.

Name: Krista
Krista is the eldest child in her family of 6. She came to know Christ through the guidance of her family where she learned that Jesus is the way to life and submitting to the will of God. She wants to be a teacher because she will be able to help children who have the ability but not the opportunity. She also believes that a teacher is a noble profession because it brings light to people. Her dreams for the future are to save children in remote areas as a teacher and missionary going to wherever God leads her.
Please pray for Krista that she will grow stronger in prayer and her willingness to serve does not diminish.

Notes from Paul Richardson…

To go with pauls notesBOn Site from Taiwan
“I'm in Taiwan speaking at their Mustard Seed conference with 150 Taiwanese pastors. A really awesome guy gets up and speaks. He's energetic, a great communicator, he's funny, and he sings with his wife. He does this awesome ministry amongst a tribal group in eastern Taiwan. And then it turns out that when he was a little boy Lillian Dickson trekked into his remote village and led him to the Lord. O my goodness, what an inspiration.”

On site from the Youth Center
“Their timetable is awesome! It includes, weekly discipleship groups in six junior high schools (five of them are public schools), leading youth groups for two churches, holding ten weekly Bible studies for high school students, and operating five annual camps for teenagers from five different towns. Life and spirit has returned to the center since the drowning of its leader years ago. Praise God!”