Disaster Hits-Please Pray with Us

by | Apr 5, 2021

“A hurricane size storm has hit Indonesian southeastern islands unannounced, flooding the rivers and breaking dams. The storm is expected to rage on for the next two days on three main islands where Mustard Seed schools are located.


Over 100 deaths have been reported. Villages are severely flooded. There is no power and no time to prepare and build up provisions. There has never been a disaster such as this leaving them shocked and immobilized. Pray for wisdom for the leaders and the community; for clarity of an action.

Mustard Seed teacher, Lionel, sent the first text from his village on the Island of Promise. “Please pray for us. The dam broke causing severe flooding. Several bridges collapsed. Many families have no recourse other than fleeing to higher elevation.”

Jelia texted, “My extended family’s house was taken by the flood.” And Xavier said that his entire family takes refuge as their house has collapsed. Siela texted, “I can’t contact my family at all. Please pray for their safety.”

So far there are ten TransformNation students whose families are affected by the disaster. Our teachers at the Island of Promise are helping the evacuation process by cooking and delivering food. Pray for their safety and ability to keep calm and take action to alleviate the fear around them.

See the video footages below, sent to MSI office yesterday, and please pray for them.

Click below to support Mustard Seed schools on the affected areas. Choose “Disaster-Flooding” on the Donation Designation. Thank you!