October 2017 Prayer Calendar

by | Sep 30, 2017

Shout praises to the Lord!

He is good to us, and His love never fails.

Psalm 107.1 CEV


Sunday October 01: Matthew 21.18-32 Praise God for the many ways that He has heard & answered our prayers!  He is a faithful God!

02: Exodus 18 Let us rejoice over all the good the Lord has done for us!  We are thankful to celebrate 50 years of MSI in Canada!  May the Lord bless us with 50 more!

03: Exodus 20.1-17 Praise God for the TfN graduates that have gone to remote villages to teach.  Please pray for continued health, that they are adjusting well & settling into their new role as teachers.

04-05: Philippians 3 Praise God that He is our Healer! Please continue to pray for Pastor Anton’s son, Gabriel who is currently facing a serious health challenge.  Pray for healing in his body & strength for his family.

06: Psalm 19 Let our words & our thoughts be pleasing to the Lord for He is our mighty Rock & our Protector!  May this always be true for all of MSI’s leadership, staff & board members.

07: Psalm 80 Praise the Lord for protection of the property for the new TfN site!  Thank Him that no attack of the enemy would prosper.

Sunday 08: Matthew 21.33-46 Praise God that MSI leaders in the field walk in humility, wisdom & favor when dealing with conflicts & building relationships with neighboring communities.

09: Philippians 4 Thank God that He takes care of all of MSI’s needs in the field with the wonderful blessings that come from Jesus!

10-11: Exodus 32 Praise God for the nine new TfN students!  Pray that they would adjust to being away from home & flourish in the teacher training program.

12-13: Psalm 106 Celebrate & praise the Lord!  He is good to us, & His love never fails.  No one can praise Him enough for the mighty things that He has done.

14: Isaiah 25.1-9 Thank the Lord that He will continue to be a place of safety for the poor & needy in Southeast Asia during times of trouble.

Sunday 15: Matthew 22.1-14 Praise God for Hudson & Esther, long-term field workers, for their faithful service!  Pray that they will be refreshed as they are currently on furlough.

16: Exodus 33 Let’s rejoice that the presence of the Holy Spirit is with each of the new teachers as they have been sent out to remote areas!

17: 2 Timothy 4.9-18 Thank the Lord that He will always keep the teenagers at M Youth Centre far from evil & close to Him.

18: Isaiah 35 Praise the Lord that the children at the Slippery Rock Children’s Home will have the support of their families & excel in their studies.

19-20: Isaiah 45 Thank the Lord for the teachers-in-training who are working so diligently to become Christian teachers! Please pray as they are finishing their final projects.

21: 1 Thessalonians 1 Thank God for our faithful supporters who have prayed & invested into MSI! May they be blessed to be a blessing!

Sunday 22-23: Matthew 22.15-46 Thank the Lord that every good and perfect gift comes from Him!  Please pray that in His perfect timing He will give Eric & Hannah the gift of children.

24-25: Matthew 7 Let us rejoice that we have a Father who gives good things to those who ask!

26: 1 Thessalonians 2.1-8 Thank God for opportunities to share the legacy of Mustard Seed, so that the work can continue for generations to come!

27: Deuteronomy 34 Blessed be to God for the legacy of Lillian Dickson going forward & prospering!

28: Jude 1-25 Offer praise to God our Savior because of our Lord Jesus Christ! Only God can keep us from falling & make us pure and joyful in His glorious presence.

Sunday 29: Psalm 90 Thank the Lord for Wilson, an MSI field worker, that God would reward her for her commitment to His work & fulfill the desires of her heart.

30: 1 Thessalonians 2.9-3.5 We are grateful to the Lord for the faithful sponsors who make it possible for the TfN students to attend university! Please pray as these students write their final exams this week.

31: Psalm 46 Let us rejoice that the Lord of hosts is with us & the God of Jacob is our Stronghold!

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