Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – April 2015

Praise the Lord and pray in his name!

Tell everyone what he has done.

Sing praises to the Lord!

Tell about his miracles.

Celebrate and worship his holy name

with all your heart. Psalm 105 1-3 CEV


In April’s prayer fellowship we-

-give thanks to the risen Lord

-praise God for his healing

-pray for people to seek his righteousness


Apr. 1-2 Mark 14.1-72 Praise God for the blessing of volunteer hours given by the directors and staff. And give thanks for other volunteers who give so freely: Evelyn, Frank, Heidi, Jacqueline, Judy, Kathleen, Lena, Lillian, Melanie, Nancy, Ria, and Shirley.

Apr. 3-4 Mark 15.1-47 Ask God to raise up local national leaders to run future Youth Explosion events and for many young people to be drawn to Him. Pray for the local leaders as they mentor and disciple new believers.

Sunday, Apr. 5 Mark 16.1-8 He is risen! He is risen indeed! Praise our loving Father.

Apr. 6-7 Psalm 118 Give thanks for teacher San who has moved into her students’ neighborhood so she can get to know their families.

Apr. 8 Acts 10.34-48 The mothers of San’s students have been attending their own class and now some will try the idea of selling food in front of the school to help support their families. Pray for them.

Apr. 9 1 John 1.1–2.2 Pray for parents of San’s school to stand firm against the opposition to a Christian school in their community.

Apr. 10 John 20.1-18 Wilson and Jules mentor the student teachers. They ask for wisdom, increased energy and capacity in their discipleship and mentoring work.

Apr. 11 John 20.19-31 Ask God to plant a vision for their future on the hearts and minds of the student teachers.

Sunday, Apr. 12 Acts 4.1-22 Pray for isolated village people to pursue Him in prayer and to study and act on His word daily.

Apr. 13 Acts 4.23-37 Pray with Linda for the limited formula-like perspective of God to give way to a personal experience of His presence.

Apr. 14-16 1 John 2.3-3:10 Ask the Lord to break the generational sin-cycle of violence, hatred, and revenge and to transform deep wounds by an understanding that God created them and their neighbors in His love.

Apr. 17 Psalm 4.1-8 Pray for courage and energy for local church leaders to work together with the community of young people that developed at the Youth Explosion event.

Apr. 18 Luke 24.28-49 Pray for Pastor Santosa as he presses forward to train the next generation of pastors up and down the river through the agriculture school.

Sunday, Apr. 19 Acts 3.1-21 Pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint the principals on Pastor Santosa’s campus to give them God’s vision for the school.

Apr. 20 Psalm 23.1-6 Praise God for opportunities to see the Good News take root in people of different backgrounds.

Apr. 21 John 3.11-24 Praise God for Anton’s teenaged son’s physical recovery from surgery. Pray for him as he eases back into his active life.

Apr. 22 John 10.1-18 Praise God for his blessing on the full house (over 2200 people) who attended the Grace and Growth Conference.

Apr. 23-24 Ezekiel 34.1-31 Pray for the baby-care program in Kolkata. The neighbors are making an issue of it.

Apr. 25 Mark 16.9-20 Pray for clarity for the leadership at SC Academy as they make decisions about a new location for the school.

Sunday, Apr. 26 1 John 4.1-21 Pray for the teachers at SCA to keep pressing on in the face of uncertainties.

Apr. 27 Acts 8.4-25 Tirta and Harta act as floor seniors in the boy’s TransformNation dorm. Give thanks for their growth in mentoring the boys on their floor. Both are candidates to lead the dorm this next school year.

Apr. 28 Acts 8.26-40 This year’s dorm leader will graduate and join the team at a local outreach school. Pay for his transition to independent living.

Apr. 29 Isaiah 5.1-7 Pray for all the first year students to grow in their commitment to live Godly lives; taking time for personal devotion, and having a closer relationship with the Lord.

Apr. 30 John 14.1-21 Pray for Principal Wiwik’s teachers as they teach and disciple their teenaged students with creativity.