August – September 2015
Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! “For if, while we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! Romans 5:9-10

Aug. 01 2 Samuel 16.15-17.13 Please pray for May who slipped and broke her arm. Pray for healing and patience for both her and Lari.

Sunday, Aug. 02 2 Samuel 17.14-29 Pray for Lucie and Craig's travels this summer. May they be safe and enjoy their trips.

Aug. 03 – 04 2 Samuel 18.1-33 Pray for safe travels for Lucie and her husband John as they begin their Mustard Seed motor trip to the West Coast. Pray for our older students as they learn to mentor younger students.

Aug. 05 Ephesians 4.17-5.2 Pray for the 4 students who are already teaching in the field, that they would have strength to endure through difficult days and
excitement to lead their students.

Aug. 06 2 Peter 1.1-21 Pray for Linda as she goes on furlough. Pray that she finishes strong and honors the Lord with her time while back at home. Also please pray that she is approved for re-entry into Indonesia in the next year.

Aug. 07 John 6.36-51 Thanks be to God for His protection and all the blessings that we have received for the whole school year in the Blessing School. The 23 students, 3 teachers and 1 staff who are all healthy and doing great jobs.

Aug. 08 1 Kings 19.1-18 The Blessing School has gained one more class for next school year for a total of 4 classes of 40 students and 4 teachers. Please pray for them and also for the new teacher, Amelia.

Sunday, Aug. 09 Psalms 34.1-22 Pray for Anne to be able to continue her studies to get Teacher's Degree due to the changing Indonesian Law.

Aug. 10 John 6.52-71 Please pray for unity among the teachers and the Principal at the Blessing School.

Aug. 11 Ephesians 5.3-20 Please pray for the teachers who strive to build a closer relationship with their students' parents.

Aug. 12 1 Kings 1.1-21 Pray for the mothers' class in the Blessing School to keep growing and that they will be filled with courage and gain knowledge.

Aug. 13 1 Kings 1.22-42 It's mission's day at Rolling Hills Church of God vacation Bible school with Lucie. Pray for the children's hearts to feel God's love for the nations.

Aug. 14 1 Kings 1.43-2.12 Pray for discernment as the leaders of TransformNation work with Nathan who has been in the program for 2 years. Pray for a change in his character and attitude.

Aug. 15 Galatians 4.1-20 The dorm leader has decided to move to a house close to Blessing School. As a result a new dorm leader will need to be picked. Please pray for wisdom during this process.

Sunday, Aug. 16 2 Chronicles 1.1-17 Praise God for congregations with a calling for missions. In particular pray this morning for Lucie's time at Sylvan Lake Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Aug. 17 1 Kings 3.16-28 Four new students have joined the campus in K-Village. Please pray that they are able to adapt to their new life and that they are able to overcome whatever obstacle comes their way.

Aug. 18 – 20 1 Kings 8.1-61 Pray for Samuel, Arti and Dadang's son. He has graduated from CNA HS and is willing to continue his study to ITB (Bandung Technology Institute) in Aerospace Engineering.

Aug. 21 Ephesians 6.1-9 Thank God for the gracious hosts who have and will house Craig and Lucie on their trips to the United States and Western Canada.

Sunday, Aug. 22 Ephesians 6.10-24 Lari and May are moving back home in the fall. Please pray that God makes it clear what direction that they should take next and also for His providence upon their return.

Aug. 23 Joshua 24.1-18 Thank the Lord for Paul Richardson's many years of service. Today is his birthday, may the Lord bless him with the fruit of his labour.

Aug. 24 Luke 22.24-30 Pray for Arti's mother (80) that the Lord would give her strength both in health and in her faith.

Aug. 25 – 27 Song of Songs 1.1-5.1 There are children who attend mobile schools and are from the slums and footpaths. They are the most neglected children because many of them are orphans or have single parents who leave them to their own devices. These children are brought to mobile schools where they receive some education and food. Please pray for the staff and these children.

Aug. 28 Psalm 45.1-17 Please pray for the resources required to open a program or class for the mothers of the students in Intercity Kindergarten who wait for their children to finish school. There is a great opportunity here.

Aug. 29 Mark 6.14-29 Thank God for the generous gifts from you faithful supporters to those on the field.

Sunday, Aug. 30 Mark 7.1-13 Please pray for the children of Indonesia and for the missionaries who carry the burden in their hearts to reach them.

Aug. 31 Mark 7.14-23 Please pray for the B.Th. Seminary —3 Year Residential Course that many Christians would join this training and equip themselves for the evangelistic work for the Kingdom of God.

Sept. 01 Mark 7.24-37 Praise God for Jay born recently to Lloyd and Grace!

Sept. 02 James 1.1-18 Thank God for the hard workers in the field and that the Lord would bless them and their families with health and protection.

Sept. 03 James 1.19-2.17 Please keep Pastor Santosa and his congregation in your prayers that the believers would remain faithful.

Sept. 04 Song of Songs 5.2-6.3 Please pray for the hearts of the community to be affected by the teachers, students and leaders.

Sept. 05 Song of Songs 6.4-8.4 Pray for Dadang's sister who has cervical cancer and that she continues trusting in the Lord. Please also pray that Arti and Dadang will have the opportunity to visit her.

Sunday, Sept. 06 Song of Songs 8.5-14 Pray for TransformNation Staff, that God would give guidance and direction as to how to best mentor and disciple the TransformNation students

Sept. 07 Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 Thanks be to God for the protection and blessing of the campus at Intercity Kindergarten. All the students, teachers and staff are in good health have done a fantastic job. Please pray for the incoming batch of new students in the next school year.

Sept. 08 Proverbs 1.1-19 Please pray for the new students and their adaptation to the TransformNation training program.

Sept. 09 Proverbs 1.20-33 Please pray for God's continual providence in the completion of the construction work and as well as to provide good Doctors, Nurses, Medicines, Beds, all instruments for the hospital at the Daspara school compound. Also please pray for the protection from all kinds of evil works.

Sept. 10 James 2.18-3.12 Praise be to God for Wren and Annie's baby girl!

Sept. 11 Mark 8.1-21 Please pray for all the missionaries on the field for protection from people who seek to do them harm either through overt persecution or sneaking into their flocks like a wolf amongst sheep.

Sept. 12 Psalm 115.1-18 Praise God for the letters from students who write of perseverance in the face of hardship and difficulty and overcoming their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Sunday, Sept. 13 Psalm 116.1-19 Pray for Mrs. Fay and her role as “Mom” to the girls in their teacher training program. They are adding six new girls for the coming term.

Sept. 14 John 19.16-37 Pray for two leaders who are making a big move from the dorms to live closer to the Blessing School community. Please pray that this move will strengthen their relationships with the students' parents.

Sept. 15 Zechariah 12.1-14 Thank the Lord for a positive and energetic start to the new school year at the CNA campus. Please also pray for all the teachers and staff as well as the students in the coming year.

Sept. 16 Zechariah 13.1-9 Please pray for patience and strength for the new teachers as they begin teaching at the CNA campus.

Sept. 17 Zechariah 14.1-21 Linda and Lestari at the ObA school are taking a stand against the distortions that permeate the government testing for the students. However refusing to cooperate with the deception may negatively affect the students and their families. Please pray for the authorities and how tests and conducted are handled that it may all be done with integrity.

Sept. 18 James 3.13-4.10 Please pray for all leaders, teachers, staff, students and their families as well as the immediate communities to persevere in integrity when presented with the choice of going along with corruption or face potential persecution.

Sept. 19 Mark 9.30-37 Thank God that Dadang and Arti have finished their requirements for their Masters program. Pray for God to use this to further bless the people who they come in contact with.

Sunday, Sept. 20 Psalm 54.1-7 Please pray for the students in their final year to remain faithful and strong as they approach near graduation. Also pray for their spiritual growth.

Sept. 21 Mark 2.1-17 Pray for Arti and Dadang's plan to visit Sumatra that they will have a fruitful trip and meet the people that God has planned for them to meet.

Sept. 22 James 4.11-5.6 Pray for Petrus and the other young men of the STREAM campus as they grow and mature in character, skills, and as followers of Jesus.

Sept. 23 James 5.7-20 Please pray for the leadership in Indonesia, that God will reveal His will and make the necessary provisions to accomplish it.

Sept. 24 Esther 1.1-22 Please pray for perseverance of the teachers and the students as they face discrimination and persecution for their faith.

Sept. 25 Esther 2.1-23 Thank the Lord for the fruitful labour that Lari and May have faithfully carried out over the past years.

Sept. 26 Esther 3.1-15 Pray that the leaders, teachers and students do not become discouraged when the hardships of life blow their way.

Sunday, Sept. 27 Esther 4.1-17 Pray for patience in waiting on God to reveal how He will go about accomplishing the mission impressed upon our leaders.

Sept. 28 Esther 5.1-14 Please pray for the persecuted to not respond in anger and retaliation but with the love of Christ.

Sept. 29 Revelation 12.1-18 Pray for families of new students as they adapt to life with their student away from home.

Sept. 30 Esther 6.1-13 Thank God for Mustard Seed supporters partnering in this work through prayer and financial support.