Prayer Fellowship – December 2016-January 2017

by | Nov 29, 2016

December 01 Matthew 3.1-12 Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Praise Him and give thanks for all things and in every circumstance.

02 Isaiah 40.1-20 Praise the Lord for Pastor Jim and the work he and his wife, Nita, have been doing at S-Village over the past five years. Their efforts are finally bearing fruit.

03-Sunday 04 Psalm 119.105-120; 161-176 Pray for the students of M High School. Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be upon them keeping their passion for Jesus burning.

05 Isaiah 35.1-10 Please pray for M High School as they face a water shortage due to a broken well.

06-07 Philippians 1.1-30 Praise the Lord for the faith of his servants, the international workers. When faced with hardship and difficulty their response is to pray and trust in the Lord’s sovereignty. Please be encouraged by these men and women of God.

08 Philippians 2.12-30 Thank the Lord for the opening of a new hospital by our team in South Asia. May the Lord bless their new ministry.

09-10 Philippians 4.2-23 Pray for the local pastors who attended a seminar held by Sani at Slippery Rock that the Spirit of God would be upon them.

Sunday 11 Matthew 11.2-15 Pray for the students and children that they will experience the love of Jesus and that the Holy Spirit will transform their hearts. Pray for the nations of Southeast Asia.

12-13 Isaiah 7-8.2 Praise the Lord that the villagers of S Village who are increasingly receptive to Pastor Jim. He reports that they have greatly changed over the years.

14-15 Isaiah 8.3-9.7 Please pray for the CEC which ministers to low income children and women teaching them skills to earn a little more income for themselves. Please pray that through this ministry the staff and leaders will demonstrate the love of Christ to these children and women.

16 Romans 1.1-17 Please pray for the preschool program at Slippery Rock that has recently started. Pray for the provision of needed facilities such as an adequate classroom, teaching aids and other equipment.

17 Matthew 1.1-25 Please pray for the school that Arti and Dadang oversee. Pray for their new batch of students, the upkeep of the school and the future of the kindergarten.

Sunday 18 Titus 1.1-16 Praise the Lord for the believers who grow stronger in the face of persecution. May the Lord bless them and add to their number.

19-20 Titus 2.1-15; 3.1-15 Please pray for safety in the sites that are in areas with a high populations of majority faith believers.

21 Isaiah 52.1-12 Please pray for Arti and Dadang, thank the Lord for their faithful service and ask that He will continue to grant them strength as they continue their ministry.

22 Hebrews 1.1-14 Please pray for Nadia who works at the M Youth Centre. Ask the Lord to guide her that she be a light to those around her.

23 Psalm 98.1-9 Please pray for Eric and Hannah, leaders of the C Empowerment Centre. Pray for the Lord’s blessing to be upon the couple and that they remain faithful in the face of whatever difficulty comes their way.

24 Luke 2.1-14 Please pray for the P High School leader, Wiwik. Pray that the Lord bless Wiwik with wisdom and courage in leading the school.

Sunday 25 Hebrews 2.1-18 Please pray for the field workers Budi and Rianna. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord be upon them as they boldly obey the Lord.

26 Acts 6.1-15 Please pray for Pastor Jim and his wife Nita. Thank and praise the Lord for their faithful service and endurance in reaching the people of S Village. May the Lord continue to add to the church’s numbers and that they would see and reap the fruit from the seeds they have planted.

27-28 1 John 1.1-2.29 Please pray for the leaders of W Jr. High School Rasi and Lelly. Pray that the Lord will use them mightily as role models for all who attend the school. May they be a light unto the next generation.

29 1 John 3.1-18 Please pray for strength and health for Sani and Elka. Thank God for their faithful service at Slippery Rock.

30 Luke 2.15-21 Thank the Lord for the providence He has continually poured out on us. Thank Him for providing what is needed in His own timing. May we all learn to be patient and wait faithfully upon Him.

31 Numbers 6.22-27 Please pray for the children who have had to leave their families to receive an education. May they find the love and support in their new communities.

Jan Sunday 01 Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 Please pray for the health of the staff and workers on the field. Thank the Lord for sustaining his servants and giving them the strength to carry on.

02 Ezekiel 17.22-24 Pray for wisdom and faithfulness for the teachers in training who are preparing themselves to teach in remote areas like S Village

03 Revelation 21.1-7 Praise the Lord for the team that went out from M High School who travelled far to minister and twenty came to Christ.

04 Isaiah 60.1-22 Please pray for the volunteers at MYC which ministers to high school students who attend state run schools that they will be a light to the students.

05 Micah 4.6-5.5 Please pray for the leader and nurse of M High School, Dumadi and Lena. Ask that the Lord continue to give them joy and satisfaction in their ministry.

06 Matthew 2.1-12 Please pray for the Seeds of Hope Children’s Home leaders, Mr. and Mrs. Sendi. Pray that the Lord bless them for their work and that they would remain encouraged as they continue in obedience to Jesus.

07- Sunday 08 Isaiah 32.1-25 Please pray for the North American staff and board members at MSI. Pray for wisdom and discernment in all that we do.

09 Psalms 29.1-11 Pray for boldness and faithfulness of leaders and staff during adversity.

10 Acts 10.34-48 Pray for the local pastors to go out boldly, full of passion for Christ. Pray for their spiritual and physical protection.

11-12 Matthew 2.13-23; 3.1-17 Rejoice in the Lord, praise His Holy Name. Glorify Christ for paying the price for our sins.

13-14 Isaiah 49.1-26 Pray for protection against the attacks of the evil one. Pray that new believers stand firm in their faith.

Sunday 15 Psalms 40.1-17 Pray for the new believers to experience

16-17 1 Corinthians 1.1-9; 10.1-17 Pray for the students of TransformNation that their passion and fire for Christ will never burn out.

18 Matthew 16.1-20 Pray for the Holy Spirit to transform students’ lives and give them new hearts.

19 John 1.29-42 Please pray wisdom and strength for Pastor Santosa and his wife Leah who tend to the River Village.

20 Matthew 4.12-25 Please pray for wisdom for TransformNation teacher, Xavier as he is in his third year of teaching.

21 Isaiah 8.11-9.7 Please pray for the Lord’s guidance upon TransformNation teacher, Indah.

Sunday 22 Psalms 27.1-14 Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on TransformNation teacher, Dian

23 1 Corinthians 11 Please pray for steadfastness for TransformNation teacher, Lestari .

24 Galatians 1.11-24 Please pray for the families of all the teachers who have yet to come to know Christ.

25-26 Acts 9.1-25; 26.1-23 Praise the Lord for protecting all of our overseas international workers.

27 Micah 6.1-16 Pray for the lost, those in darkness who have never heard the Good News. Pray for the workers that are trying to reach these people groups.

28 Psalms 15.1-5 Please pray for Anton’s son Gabriel. He requires further treatment. Pray for his strength and for healing.

Sunday 29 1 Corinthians 1.18-31 Thank the Lord for His graciousness and blessings.

30 Matthew 5.1-12 Thank the Lord for all the work that he is accomplishing through the workers overseas.

31 Psalms 84.1-12 Praise the Lord for supporters who generously give in support of kingdom advancement.