Feb. 01 Psalm 71.12-24 Sani and Elka are expecting a new baby! However Elka is suffering from the chicken pox which puts her and the baby at risk for serious complications. Please urgently pray for Elka’s recovery and for the baby to be born healthy.

Feb. 02 Luke 2.22-40 A newly believing couple’s daughter is in the hospital with a fever, please pray for her recovery.

Feb. 03 Psalm 99.1-9 Please pray for the health of one of our overseas workers in South Asia who is suffering from a slipped disk.

Feb. 04-05 Exodus 34.1-18; 19-35 B-High School – the students are approaching the end of high school, please pray that the Lord will direct them.  Pray that their mentors will give them sound advice.

Feb. 06 Luke 9.21-36 Pray for the team travelling to W-School for ministry. The team includes Corwin, 3 teachers from C-Academy and 3 others from the States. Ask the Lord for protection and unity as they prepare for the ministry that lies ahead of them.

Sunday Feb. 07 Luke 9.37-50 Today is the birthday of one of the field workers' children! Ask the Lord to cover her with His protection and blessing.

Feb. 08 2 Corinthians 3.1-11 Pray for a pastors’ training conference taking place today in W-School.  Ask God to speak through the guest speakers and translators training the local pastors.

Feb. 09 2 Corinthians 3.12-4.5 Praise God for each pastor at the W-School training conference; ask God to help each one to grow in their ability to articulate the Good News that changes everything.  

Feb. 10-11 Psalm 51.1-19; 91.1-16 James-B School – pray for the teacher and students in this one-room school located in a remote village. Pray for the village leaders to become open to the Gospel.  

Feb. 12-13 Deuteronomy 26.1-15; 16-27.10 B-Island Home – please pray for the rise of new leadership to come under the existing leadership to learn.  Pray for the health of the aging couple, especially Mrs. S who uses a walker after having a stroke. The couple has cared for the children faithfully for many years.

Sunday Feb. 14 Luke 4.1-13 MYC – Pray for the widow of the founding leader as she continues to serve at the center in addition to raising five children.  Pray that they may have joy and peace.

Feb. 15-16 Zechariah 1.1-17; 18-2.13 M-School – Pray for the site leaders who have served in this area for many years.  Pray for faithfulness, integrity, and wisdom in their leadership.  Pray for school teachers to grow in their effectiveness as they teach and disciple students.

Feb. 17 Zechariah 3.1-10 P High School – pray for the leader of the junior high school who also helps to provide care for students who board at the school.

Feb. 18 Genesis 15.1-21 Pray today for decisions that will be made tomorrow regarding the new students who will be invited to join the TransformNation teacher training program.  Praise God for the many young men and women who have applied and ask Him to lead the leaders in making a choice.

Feb. 19 Psalm 27.1-14 PK Village – Pray for protection and provision over the believers who serve in this difficult place. Due to the fire many necessary services and staple items are not easily accessible.

Feb. 20 Philippians 3.12–4.1 PK Village – Pray for the high school seniors who need work or opportunities for more education after they graduate.

Sunday Feb. 21 Luke 13.22-35 PK Village – Pray for the two daughters of the couple who lead the ministry that God would lead them after graduating from C-Academy.

Feb. 22 Exodus 3.1-15 S-Village – pray for the young family who moved to this isolated village in 2013. Pray for God to open the eyes and hearts of village leaders to the truth of the Gospel.

Feb. 23 Isaiah 55.1-13 S-School – pray for God’s provision for this young kindergarten & elementary school as the leaders of this ministry seek a larger property for the growing school.  

Feb. 24-25 Zechariah 4.1–5.4; 5.5-6.15 TransformNation – pray for the young men and women who board in our Mustard Seed dorms and train to become teachers.  Pray for their development as Christian leaders. 

Feb. 26 Psalm 63.1-11 W-School – pray for integrity and honesty to permeate the leadership of this school.  Pray for our Mustard Seed leader as he & his family encounter many challenges in this remote and tribal setting.

Feb. 27 Psalm 103.1-22 W-School – pray for issues involving land ownership and tribal customs that crop up unexpectedly from time to time.  Pray for leaders to have wisdom in any type of confrontation.

Sunday Feb. 28 Luke 13.1-9 W-School – praise God for the provision of a new roof and a new fence.  Pray for  peace on this campus.

Feb. 29 1 Corinthians 10.1-13 W-School – the site leader requests prayer for harmony and unity among staff and teachers.