Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – January 2015

 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
    because the Lord has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,[a]
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor Isaiah 61:1-2b

      In January’s prayer fellowship we –

– seek the Lord’s wisdom.

-pray for past and future “Youth Explosions” to totally glorify God.

– thank God for drawing kindergarten children and their parents to Himself.

 Jan. 1 Colossians 1.1-20 Pray for God’s wisdom to navigate changes and opportunities that God is putting before us and our partners in Indonesia, India, and Taiwan.

Jan. 2 Psalm 147.1-20 Pray for Mustard Seed’s leadership to remain united in the Lord.

Jan. 3 Ephesians 1.1-23 Join Arti in her prayer for the junior high students to know Him personally through her English lessons.

Sunday, Jan. 4 Ephesians 2.1-22 Pray for Pastor Sani and his church at the children’s home. Give thanks for the children who continue in the life of this congregation once they graduate. Many are in the worship band.

Jan. 5 Ephesians 3.1-21 Give thanks for Mrs. Sendi’s vibrant and joyful smile in spite of a stroke that has taken her ability to walk. She’s ‘Mom” to 75 children who love and respect her.

Jan. 6 Matthew 2.1-12 One of the Sendis’ “children” shared that he was studying to be a chef and he was excited to get experience cooking at the children’s home. Praise God!

Jan. 7-8 Genesis 1.1-2.4a Thank God for Subir and Eunok’s leadership at Good News Children Education Ministry (GNCEM) in India. They oversee ten schools and a baby-care center that allows the mothers to work.

Jan. 9 Psalm 29.1-11 Give thanks for the forty students in the GNCEM teacher/leadership training program. Pray for visiting lecturers to add to this one-year program.

Jan. 10 Matthew 2.13-23 Praise God! Government approval is granted to build a new eight-room school. Pray for provisions.

Sunday, Jan. 11 Mark 1.1-13 Pray for congregations across Mustard Seed sites. May they be beacons of His light.

Jan. 12-16 Job 32.1-35:16 A new program called Youth Explosion has been launched as outreach events in remote areas. Working collectively with churches in the community, each is uniquely designed. Soccer clinics and worship workshops have proven popular, with a mass worship event at the end. Please pray for this program to develop fully and take root in local communities. Pray for local pastors to have a heart to disciple their teens and encourage new believers. Pray this will all be done for God’s glory.

Jan. 17 John 1.29-51 Pray for continuing renewal and revival for staff and students in the community where the first Youth Explosion was held last November.

Sunday, Jan. 18 Matthew 16.1-20 Pray for the student teachers as they take leadership roles in worship today.

Jan. 19 Job 36.1-15 Pray for perseverance for junior high school teachers.

Jan. 20 Job 36.16-33 Mustard Seed teachers have big hearts. Pray for wisdom as their skills grow.

Jan. 21 Job 37.1-24 Pray for teen-aged students to see models of faith in their teachers.

Jan. 22-24 Jonah Pray for unity amongst Pastor Sani and Elka’s leadership team. Pray for wisdom and perseverance to be lights in an area of strong majority faith influence.

Sunday, Jan. 25 Acts 22.1-21 Pray for the children to choose to grow and serve in their faith despite the many distractions in their culture.

Jan. 26 Mark 1.14-28 Pray for Mustard Seed teachers as they juggle their family and work life.

Jan. 27 Psalm 111.1-10 Pray for the parents of Mustard Seed students. May they be drawn to Him through the testimonies of faithful teachers.

Jan. 28 1 Corinthians 8.1-13 Tribal wars are still frequent in some areas. Pray for rest and renewal for teachers and leaders in this stressful environment.

Jan. 29 Leviticus 19.1-19 Praise God for a growing kindergarten. Give thanks for the preparation of an additional room and pray for the beginning of a morning program for the mothers.

Jan. 30 Leviticus 19.20-37 Give thanks for the nine fathers of the children from the kindergarten who attended a special time geared to them. Pray even more will attend next time.

Jan. 31 Deuteronomy 18.9-22 Give thanks for the congregation in the area of the kindergarten. Pray for the pastor and his family.