Jan. 01 Isaiah 40.21-31 It is a New Year! Praise be to God for His goodness and faithfulness.

Jan. 02 Ephesians 1.1-14 Pray for the leaders of the MYC. It consists of 8 staff which serves around 280 non-believing students. Thank the Lord for their service, their passion and heart. Also pray that the Spirit will strengthen them and that they will endure whatever trials come their way.

Sunday Jan. 03 John 1.1-18 Pray for the expansion of the TransformNation teaching program. The land needed to expand has been acquired and the project is moving along. Thank the Lord!

Jan. 04 Isaiah 60.1-22 The GJ Church in India consists of many new believers who need your prayers. Please pray so that the church grows every Sunday. Since there are many unbelievers living in this area please pray that they come know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and put their faith in Christ.

Jan. 05 Psalm 72.1-19 Please keep the persecuted in your prayers. Pray that they respond with the love of Christ and the grace which He has shown us time and time again.

Jan. 06 Matthew 2.1-12 Please pray for the children who strive to become the leaders of tomorrow. They have a real heart for the generation that follows them. Praise the Lord for these kids.

Jan. 07 – 08 Isaiah 43.1-28 Pray for the families of the children who do not yet have Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Pray that the children will become a light unto their families.

Jan. 09 Luke 3.1-22 Please pray for the M Children’s home and high school that God would reignite their passion and zeal for Christ and the spreading of the Gospel.

Sunday Jan. 10 Psalm 2.1-11 There are several graduates from the TransformNation program who teach at W-Junior and Senior High School. Praise the Lord for the dedication of the teachers and the students.

Jan. 11 Matthew 2.13-23 Please pray for the governments, that they would be compassionate to our fellow believers in Southeast Asia.

Jan. 12 – 13 Isaiah 61-62.12 Thank the Lord for the obedient servants who hear His calling, set aside their own wills and carry out His work.

Jan. 14 Psalm 96.1-13 Please pray for the hospital project in India. Please pray that the construction will be completed soon so that those who are in desperate need of medical attention can receive aid.

Jan. 15 John 2.1-12 Please pray for the spiritual and physical health of the students and staff overseas.

Jan. 16 – Sunday 17 1 Corinthians 12.1-31 Please pray for the C-Institute which is losing its current location. Praise God who is our provider for the necessary funds which we believe in faith, will be taken care of.

Jan. 18 Matthew 16.1-20 TransformNation student Joy asks for prayer in her education and that her mother and brother would come to know Jesus as their Saviour. Her dream is to become a teacher and be a witness to the lost children.

Jan. 19 – 20 Ephesians 2.11-22; 4.1-16 Pray that the leaders, teachers and students do not become discouraged when the hardships of life come their way.

Jan. 21 Ezekiel 37.15-28 Krista is one of the new TransformNation students. Her prayer requests are that her prayer life will become stronger and that her willingness to serve will always remain.

Jan. 22 Nehemiah 8.1-12 Please pray for the perseverance of fellow believers and the strengthening of their faith. Also pray for the leaders who faithfully do the work of the Lord overseas such as Pastor Santosa & Leah, Lloyd & Grace, and Corwin & Sarah.

Jan. 23 Psalm 19.1-14 Serena, one of the TransformNation students asks supporters to pray that she learns to love others as Christ loves her and that she can be useful in serving others.

Sunday Jan. 24 Luke 4.14-30 Please pray for the Mobile Schools in India and the children who go to these schools. May God bless them and let them know Jesus as their Saviour. Pray for the teachers, staff and drivers who take care of these children.

Jan. 25 Acts 9.1-19a Please pray for the health of all the students and staff. May they remain healthy while their country is being wrecked with CO2 emissions.

Jan. 26 1 Corinth. 12.31b–13.13 Please pray for protection for all our staff and international workers. They will face many trials and tribulations, may they hold fast to the faith.

Jan. 27 – 28 1 Kings 3.1-28 Please pray for S-Village and its community that they would truly understand the Gospel and follow after Christ.

Jan. 29 Jeremiah 1.1-10 TransformNation student, Tabitha, asks that she stand firm in what she knows is right when faced with the pressure to conform. She also asks for prayer for her sister and family who do not yet know God.

Jan. 30 Jeremiah 1.11-19 Thank God for Mustard Seed supporters partnering in this work through prayer and financial support.

Sunday Jan. 31 Psalm 71.1-11 Praise the Lord for his providence in providing all that is needed for both our spiritual and physical well-being. Thank God for giving us the privilege of serving and glorifying Him through Mustard Seed.