Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – March 2015

As we journey towards Good Friday and Easter Sunday we give thanks that you are keeping your eyes on God with us in prayer.  

In the March prayer fellowship we-

-praise God for drawing many students to Himself

-praise God for the dreams he gives us

-pray for the means to relocate a school of 120 students

Sunday, Mar. 1 Mark 8.22–9.1 Praise God for lives healed.

Mar. 2-3 Romans 4.1-25 Give thanks for the 135 blankets distributed to the children attending Good News Education Children Ministry (GNCEM) mobile schools from the dump area of Kolkata.

Mar. 4 Exodus 20.1-17 Praise God for opportunity GNCEM had providing 13 worship services over Christmas. Pray for seeds planted to grow in the hearts of all who attended.

Mar. 5 Psalm 19.1-14 Student teacher Anna asks for prayer for her heart that God gives her His peace, a humble heart, and removes fear to try new things that challenge her to grow.

Mar. 6-7 1 Corinthians 1.1-31 Pray with all the student teachers for: God’s strength and courage to learn and make good decisions; their studies; health; and families.

Sunday, Mar. 8 John 2.13-25 Pray for Mustard Seed volunteer Lisa as she prepares to serve in Southeast Asia for the next three years with her husband.

Mar. 9-10 Psalm 107 Pray for Dian, Lestari, and Xavier in their day to day activities teaching, as dorm parents, and facilitating community groups. Praise God for their energy and courage to mentor new believers. Give thanks for the gift of a bicycle for them to share.

Mar. 11 Numbers 21.4-18 Pray for the fullness of God’s light to reign on this campus and in the hearts of students and teachers. Praise God for 27 recent baptisms.

 Mar. 12 John 3.1-21 Give thanks that Dian, Indah, Lestari, and Xavier, are worthy role models to Mustard Seed’s student teachers.

Mar. 13-14 Numbers 22.1-40 Youth Explosion is on again! Pray for Pastor Santosa’s wider community as the team arrives to praise God through music workshops and sports. Pray for adequate supplies to meet the needs.

Sunday, Mar. 15 Numbers 23:1-12 Pray that God will be glorified throughout the youth event.

Mar. 16 Numbers 23.13-30 Pray for students who struggle socially and academically. There is a great deal of pressure on them to do well. Pray for their teachers’ love and understanding.

Mar. 17 Numbers 24.1-25 There are ten potential students ready to join the TransformNation teacher-training program this summer. Pray for sponsors to invest in each one of them.

Mar. 18 1 Chronicles 17.1-15 Pray for the health of Mustard Seed leaders, their parents, and their children. Pray too that their children who are away at school would have good and Godly friends and for their spiritual health.

Mar. 19 Luke 2.41-52 The “Mothers’ class” has begun at the kindergarten. Give thanks for the deepening friendships and the desire to learn.

Mar. 20-21 Hebrews 4.1-5.10 Pray for our national leaders. Anton’s son is having an operation; Dadang & Arti are writing their master’s theses and their son is hoping to go to university; Rianna suffers with high blood pressure.

Sunday, Mar. 22 John 12.20-36a Mustard Seed’s prayer is simply to glorify God in all we say and do. Pray.

Mar. 23 Isaiah 42.1-9 Pray for protection and good health care for Mustard Seed students.

Mar. 24 Isaiah 49.1-13 Pray for Mustard Seed’s expatriate families. One father has broken his hip; the sister of another has had a baby. Give thanks for technology that helps them keep in touch.

Mar. 25 Luke 1.26-38 Join Linda as she leads in prayer for wisdom, obedience, unity, and perseverance in our relationship to our Lord as we face many changes and transitions this year.

Mar. 26 Isaiah 50.1-11 Two families serving with Mustard Seed are expecting babies. Praise and petition on their behalf.

Mar. 27 Isaiah 52.13–53.12 Wilson asks for increased connections with local people, specifically other teachers.

Mar. 28 Philippians 2.1-11 The Richardson children are all in high school.  Pray that they will be diligent in their studies and a light for Christ in their words and character.  Pray that they will be leaders for what is good and right, to honor the Lord.

Sunday, Mar. 29 John 12.1-14 Katie R. will graduate from high school in May.  She has grown up on the field and will transition to college in North America in the fall.  Pray for her to sense the Lord's presence and peace throughout the period of transition. 

Mar. 30-31 Mark 11 Pray for wisdom and God’s direction for Mustard Seed’s directors and staff: Bill, Brian, Craig, Jivanne, Joan, John, Johann, Lucie, Mark, Nancy, Ron, Scott, and Winston.

Apr. 1-2 Mark 14.1-72 Praise God for the blessing of volunteer hours given by the directors and staff. And give thanks for other volunteers who give so freely, Evelyn, Frank, Heidi, Jacqueline, Judy, Kathleen, Lena, Lilian, Melanie, Nancy, Ria, and Shirley.