Mar. 01-02 Zechariah 7.1-14; 8.1-12 Pray for the planning in the spring upcoming year.  Pray that God would give wisdom and guidance to each leader, and that the entire process would be marked by integrity and faith.

Mar. 03 Zechariah 8.13-23 C-Academy – pray for the teaching ministry of our national teachers in this primary location where teachers from all over the nation come for training.  

Mar. 04 Psalm 32.1-11 – Pray for the ministry of artists who are creating video messages to share the truth of Christ with the nations.  Praise God for the translation of many of their materials into languages around the world.

Mar. 05 2 Corinthians 5.11-21 MYC – Pray for the students who are served by this youth ministry, that they would grow to maturity in their faith and become leaders who disciple others.

Sunday Mar. 06 Luke 15.11-32 P-School – pray for good leadership of this after-school program and community centre.  Pray for two young men who live in the teacher training dorm and teach at this site.

Mar. 07 Jonah 1.1-17 TransformNation -pray for our four graduates who are teaching in Mustard Seed schools across this nation.

Mar. 08 Jonah 2.1-10 Pray for Christian teachers across the nation that their behavior in and out of the classroom would testify to God’s work in their lives.

Mar. 09-10 Jonah 3.1-10; 4.1-11 Thank God for Arti and Dadang’s time serving the dorms these past 3 years. They thank you for your prayers and support during that time.

Mar. 11 Psalm 126.1-6 The new couple in charge of the dorms will be Lloyd and Grace. Please keep these two in your prayers.

Mar. 12 Philippians 3.1-11 Arti and Dadang will be going on a mission trip with a medical team to the locations where W and S Schools are located. They will be providing medical aid to the parents and children of the schools and sharing the Gospel.

Sunday Mar. 13 John 12.1-11 Please also pray for the medical missions to bring enough supplies to treat all the patients and that the authorities will look favourably upon them since their team includes several foreigners.

Mar. 14 John 12.12-26 Please pray for additional teachers at the S-School and the existing staff that they grow in their faith and training in order to more effectively minister to those of other faith backgrounds. Please also keep the site leader in your prayers.

Mar. 15 Zechariah 9.1-17 SHB School is opening. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over this school and for his provision of all that they need in order to best serve Him.

Mar. 16 Luke 19.28-48 C-Academy – Pray for God's protection over the reputation, effectiveness, and the increasing influence of the school.  Pray for spiritual and physical protection over every student and teacher on campus.

Mar. 17 Isaiah 42.1-13 CEC – pray for the leader as he guides a ministry which provides after-school classes for neighborhood kids.

Mar. 18 Isaiah 49.1-13 Pray for a mother of three who is serving on the MSI team. Ask the Lord to give her strength and joy in her vital roles as a wife and a mother.

Mar. 19 Luke 2.41-52 PK Village – Pray for the leader's desire to train local young adults for ministry in this remote and difficult area.

Sunday Mar. 20 Isaiah 50.1-11 C-Academy – Pray for each of the 700+ students on campus to come to know Jesus personally and have a growing relationship with Him.

Mar. 21 Isaiah 52.13–53.12 AB Kindergarten – pray for the children who attend this Christian kindergarten. Pray for the teacher to have wisdom and effectiveness in her teaching and for each student to grow in faith and maturity.

Mar. 22 Philippians 2.1-11 PK Village – Pray for protection over the crops and for good relations with neighbors to grow and become deeper.  In the fall of 2015, a crop of rice and several fields of rubber trees were destroyed by wildfire.

Mar. 23-24 Luke 22.1-23; 24-53 Please pray for the medical missions trip that Arti and Dadang and the rest of the team will be able to effectively communicate the gospel to the more than 100 parents of the children who attend the schools.

Mar. 25 Luke 22.54-23.25 Praise God that the nation has recognized Good Friday as a national holiday! Praise Him for the sacrifice of Jesus, for the Good News of God coming for us in His great love, making it possible for us to know and follow Him.

Mar. 26 Luke 23.26-56 Bam School – pray for the teacher of this kindergarten in a hot and difficult area.  Pray for the students who come from village families who are poor.  Pray for God's truth to take root in their hearts as children.  

Sunday Mar. 27 Luke 24.1-12 Praise God for the resurrection of Jesus and for new life that is found in Him. Pray for the Gospel to be shared clearly across the nation of Indonesia, that many would hear for the first time and believe, and that long-time believers would be touched in a new way by the Good News.

Mar. 28-29 Luke24.13-32; 33-53 Pray for the workers who serve in the schools. The ones who are responsible for cleaning and security, in the world’s eyes they are looked down upon. Pray that these workers are not discouraged with their roles but that they know they play an integral part in the work God is doing on the campuses.

Mar. 30 Isaiah 65.16-25 James-B school – pray for the young man who has been faithfully teaching there.  Last year he married a young woman from a neighboring village.  Pray for a joyful, healthy marriage and for their hearts to be unified in serving in such a remote area.

Mar. 31 Zechariah 10.1-12 Praise be to God for giving us the privilege of serving and glorifying him through the work He has entrusted to us.