Sunday May 01-02 John 14.1-31 Pray for Eric and his wife who are wishing to have a child. As they struggle through this he writes that they are learning to “…surrender everything fully to God”.

May 03 Psalm 47.1-9 Please pray for those in the teacher-training program that they will persevere in their studies and faith.

May 04 Ephesians 1.15-23 Pray for the students and the children of the workers who are about to enter college. Pray that Christ will open doors and provide each and every student wisdom and discernment.

May 05-06 Acts 1.1-11 Praise God for speaking into people’s hearts in dreams and visions.

May 06-07 Acts 15.36–40 Please pray for the international worker couple, S and E. E, the wife, has a tumor that needs to be removed. Please pray for a successful surgery and a safe return back to the field.

Sunday May 08 Revelation 22.6-21 Praise God for all the mothers in our lives. Thank Him for the love and care that they have shown.

May 09 Psalm 97.1-12 Give thanks for the loving communities at the boarding schools. It eases the children’s pain of being away from home.

May 10 Genesis 11.1-9 Pray for the staff of all the schools in the Mustard Seed sites. These are the people who dutifully keep everything running and handle all the problems. Pray that they will have the strength and perseverance to keep going.

May 11-12 Romans 8.1-39 Mr. and Mrs. Sendi manage a large children’s home of 75 kids. It is remarkably well managed even though the couple is now elderly. Praise the Lord for them!

May 13 John 15.1-17 Praise God for choosing and appointing Mustard Seed leaders to bear lasting fruit.

May 14 Acts 1.12-26 Bless the Lord for everything He has done. Praise and worship our God!

Sunday May 15 Acts 2.1-21 Rejoice with Linda as she sees village students gain confidence in playing the music she’s teaching them.

May 16-17 Psalm 104 Pray for Ingie that his future path lines up with the will of God.  

May 18-19 Proverbs 8.1-36 Pray for the principals of C-Academy: Ria, Sosamma and Donna that Christ protect them as they faithfully lead the school. Pray that they would raise the school to be a light shining on a hill.

May 20 Psalm 8.1-9 Anton is a youth pastor who ran a kindergarten that has flourished into a school of 180 students. Thank the Lord for Anton and pray for him as he continues to serve.

May 21 Romans 5.1-11 Pray for the students in all the school sites, that they may be healthy in body, mind and spirit. May they all come to know Christ as their Saviour and follow Him.

Sunday May 22 John 15.26–16.15 Give thanks for the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

May 23-24 1 Kings 16.29–17.24 Praise God for the workers in India who care for neglected and abandoned children.

May 25-26 1 Kings 18.1-38 As the Word of God reaches Mustard Seed children pray for them to take a stand and accept His promises.

May 27 Galatians 1.1-12 Security officials are making inquiries  about our workers in India, pray for the Lord’s protection over them

May 28-29 Luke 5.1-16; 7.1-10 Pray for Wilson & Jules dorm parents to the girls and Lloyd and Grace dorm parents to the boys as new students arrive.

May 30 Luke 1.5-25 Pray for all the workers who faithfully serve the Lord in whatever capacity overseas to be healthy both spiritually and physically.

May 31 Luke 1.26-45 Praise the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed.