October 01 Lamentations 2.1-22 Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Praise Him and give thanks for all things and in every circumstance.

Sunday 02 Luke 17.1-10 Please continue to pray for the Lord’s healing hand to be upon Hudson and Wren.

03-04 Lamentations 3.1-45 Please pray continually for Wren who is sick with a tremendous amount of pain.

05 Lamentations 3.46-66 Thank the Lord for our volunteers who help us with our mailing. May their faithfulness and joy bring encouragement and edification to all!

06-07 2 Timothy 1.1-18; 2.1-13 Angie, Wren’s wife believes that her family, and particularly Wren, is experiencing significant spiritual attacks. Please remember them continually in your prayers.

08 2 Timothy 2.14-26 Thank the Lord for all the volunteers of Mustard Seed who have been faithful in serving. May their joy in their work be an encouragement to all.

Sunday 09 Luke 17.11-19 Please pray for the new arrivals in the children’s home at Slippery Rock. Please pray for the Lord to change the hearts of those who have yet to know Him.

10 Psalm 67.1-7 Please pray for the believers who have lost their jobs because of their faith. May the Lord provide for them in their time of need.

11-12 Lamentations 4.1-22; 5.1-22 Praise the Lord for the children of Slippery Rock who have finished junior high school and will be entering high school. Please pray for blessings and protection upon them.

13 2 Timothy 3.1-17 Please pray for the health and strength of the workers who have faithfully been running the Slippery Rock Children’s Home.

14-15 Luke 17.20-37; 18.1-8 Please pray for Mr. Dumadi and the M High School. Though their community is generally accepting of them they do occasionally experience disturbances such as food and water theft.

Sunday 16 Psalm 121.1–122.9 Pray for unity among the believers across the nation. Let them not be divided on issues such as money or politics.

17 2Timothy 4.1-22 Praise be to God for He is good. His faithfulness endures forever. Thank the Lord for all that he has done!

18 Luke 1.1-4 Praise be to God for the supporters who generously gave for Anton and Sinta’s son’s treatment.

19 Jeremiah 14.1-22 Please pray for the children of Southeast Asia that they will come to know Christ and rise up to shape their nation.

20-21 Psalm 65.1-13; 84.1-12 Some of Mustard Seed’s volunteers are going through health and medical challenges, please pray for the healing hand of the Lord to be upon them.

22 Joel 2.18-32 Praise the Lord for his faithful providence, providing all that we need. May we trust that the Lord will continue to provide.

Sunday 23-24 Luke 18.9-43 Praise the Lord for eight newly baptized believers from a rural tribe. They now attend a local church where Mrs. Wiwik’s husband serves. May the Lord protect them and fill them with His Spirit.

25-26 Luke 19.1-27 Please pray for the health Pastor Jim and his wife Nita. Pray that the leadership of S Village will be more receptive to the work that they are doing.

27 2 Thessalonians 1.1-12 Praise the Lord for a large turnout at the youth program at the D-IN church in South Asia. Most of them first heard about Jesus there

28 Jude 1-25 Praise God for revealing himself to our majority faith neighbours with love and power.

29 Psalms 145.1-21 Give thanks for the congregations and individual believers who have been caught up in the Lord’s passion for reaching the majority faith in Southeast Asia.

Sunday 30 Psalm 46.1-11 Please pray for our workers in South Asia as they recover from surgeries and illnesses.

31 John 8.31-47 Thank the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed who give generously and joyfully.

November 01 Luke 6.1-16 Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Praise Him and give thanks for all things and in every circumstance.

02-03 Luke 6.17-49 Thank God for Linda who has made her home in an isolated village of non-believers. Pray for her ministry to her neighbours.

04-05 Luke 3.23-38; 4.31-44 Give thanks for believers formerly of the majority faith and their bold sharing of their newfound faith in Christ with others.

Sunday 06 Luke 20.27-47 Please pray for the persecuted. Pray that they will not fear man, but will fear God.

07-08 2 Thessalonians 2.1-17; 3.1-18 Please continue to keep Pastor Sani and his team’s new church in your prayers. May the Lord use them mightily in reaching the animist tribes.

09-10 Malachi 1.1-14; 2.1-17 Join us in prayer for the nations in Southeast Asia. May the Gospel shine brightly in a nation where most have yet to know and love Jesus.

11-12 Malachi 3-4.6 Praise the Lord for Eric’s father’s successful spinal surgery!

Sunday 13 Luke 21.1-19 Pray for the poor of Southeast Asia. Jobs are scarce and the price of goods still remains high.

14-15 Ephesians 2.1-10; 3.1-21 Thank the Lord for providing for the food and water needs of the orphans and homeless children of the B-Island orphanage.

16-17 Ephesians 4.17-32; 5.1-20 Please pray for a school where heavy rain broke a wall.

18-19 Luke 20.1-26 Please continue to keep Pastor Santosa of the River Village in your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless his ministry.

Sunday 20 Luke 21.20-38 Praise the Lord for the generous supporters of Mustard Seed and its ministry overseas.

21-22 Ephesians 5.21–6.24 Please continue to pray for Anton’s son who is battling a brain tumour. Please also pray for the rest of his family through this ordeal.

23 Isaiah 2.1-5 Pray for the students and teachers-in-training to continue persevering in their faith in spite of whatever hardships they may face.

24 Micah 4.1–5.1 Pray for the leaders in the field, may the Lord bless them with wisdom in all their decisions.

25 John 1.35-51 Please pray for teachers who faithfully serve despite having to travel 25km or more on damaged roads each day. Pray that their faith remains strong.

26 Romans 13.1-14 Please pray for the students’ families whom they have had to leave behind. Pray for the salvation of those who have yet to know Christ and also for their health and well-being.

Sunday 27 Matthew 24.29-44 Please pray for the leaders on the field, may the Lord grant them strength and encouragement. Praise the Lord for their faithfulness in their ministries.

28 Romans 15.1-33 Thank God for the believers who have become friends and shared Jesus with those searching for the way.

29 Isaiah 11.1-10 Please pray for Eric and Hannah in teaching the children of CEC to be encouraging and kind.

30 John 6.1-15 Thank the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed who give generously and joyfully.