Call for Prayer for the Recent Covid-19 Surge in Indonesia

by | Jul 22, 2021

“Each year on July 23th, Indonesia celebrate National Children Day. We unite our hearts to pray for the recent surge of Covid-19 outbreak in the country. More than 44,000 new infections reported on average each day and more than 1,000 average daily fatalities.”


Most of Mustard Seed's schools adjust their hybrid classes to fully-online lessons for students. The surge also impacted TransformNation students who live in dormitories.

Our students across the archipelago shared their prayers:

“I pray for my nation, that the virus will be gone soon. I pray for my friends who are sick and in isolation. I pray for my teachers as they continue to teach us. I pray for the health of all of my friends. I pray that I can go to school soon and meet all my friends. I pray that my school will grow and go viral. Amen.”
Dave from CI School, Java, 3rd grade.

“I pray for Indonesia to be completely safe so I can go to school and meet my friends.”
Soraya from Gapanau Island, kindergarten.

“I pray for my friends protection, so that they can finish their studies well. I am also ready should they need my help.”
Melsa from Spice Island, 10th grade.

“In the name of Jesus, I pray for all of us to be safe from the corona virus, and for God to help those who are sick so they can be reunited with their families.”
Theo from  MSI Lab School, 3rd grade.

“Dear God, thank you for your protection and grace. I ask that You may heal people all over Indonesia from Covid-19. Especially for our teachers who have tested positive, please heal them. Lord, may Your will be done upon Indonesia and our teachers. I trust You with our lives. In Jesus' name. Amen.”
Elsa from the Papuan Highlands, 12th grade.

“Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for my friends who are sick with Covid, please heal them. Please take Covid away, far away from us, so that we can be soon together again at school.”

Quen from Nipa Island, kindergarten.

Thank you for praying with our students!