Way up the r#5.2015.04enewsDSC_1056biver from Pastor Santosa’s village campus is a small school named after Jim Britton; a man who dreamed for a better life for village children. It’s a long trek in and the visiting team #6.2015.04.enews.DSC_9437_1bdidn’t know what they’d find.

“We found the school in great condition, the team leader relayed later. “The children have learned a lot. It is obvious that the two young men who are teaching there have done an excellent job and work hard. Teacher Susilo asked if there might be a chance they could get uniforms for the children. It seems the parents and the village chief are happy and proud of the school. We gave shampoo, soap, hair bands, and other prizes to the children. We taught them the Gospel bracelets and they responded enthusiastically.”