Sending Love to Children in Southeast Asia

by | Feb 12, 2020

Sending Love to Children in South East Asia

“Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterdown Ontario Raised Support for Classrooms for Children in Southeast Asia”

“Mommy, why won’t you let me go back to school?” Kashi asked her mother.
“There’s no 4th grade class for you to go to until they build more classrooms…You will have to stay home, cook and weed the garden!” her mother replied.
“But I want to become a teacher! I could go to school on the next island…” Kashi insisted.
“Absolutely not! That’s far too dangerous. The komodo dragon lives there and would eat you alive if he found you!” mother said.

This dialogue was taken from a skit presented at Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterdown, Ontario as part of a fundraising initiative to build new classrooms in Mustard Seed schools.

The dialogue between Kashi and her mother might seem humorous but it represents the reality of many children living in remote villages throughout Southeast Asia. Many of the children spend hours each day, walking through rough terrain, to reach the closest school. Where higher levels of education are not available, those determined to further their studies have to leave their family and move to an area where they can continue their education. As a result, many children drop out of school at a young age without furthering their education.

Jean Wilkinson, the coordinator of the church’s fundraising campaign, shared that she has been a supporter of Mustard Seed for a long time and was moved when she saw the need to build more classrooms for children on the Island of Promise.

With the support of the church's mission department, she prepared the fundraising plan. A large display was set up in the church to present the campaign to the congregation: artwork, a model of a bamboo school, pictures of children and the weekly donation progress. As the highlight of the campaign, the skit was performed and it moved many people give.

“I just want more children to be blessed with an education so that they can become what they wish to become, and grow up to bless their community,” Jean said.

Jean’s love and effort will surely help many children, as they raised enough to fund seven new classrooms and a one year scholarship for a teacher-in-training.