Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – September 2014

Always be joyful. Never stop praying.
Be thankful in all circumstances,
for this is God’s will
for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
Thessalonians 5:16-18

Mustard Seed leaders thank you for your prayers. Plans are booming for the youth soccer and worship event. Praise God for evidence of His presence. In this months prayer fellowship we have included:

  • Prayer for Mustard Seed site leaders
  • Thanksgiving for Mustard Seed supporters.
  • Prayer for the children in India

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Sept. 1 Ecclesiastes 2.1-13 Lari & May took a grade 5 class to a school in a poor area. The students taught praise songs including the actions and meaning of the words. Praise God.

Sept. 2 Ecclesiastes 2.14-26 Rasi & Lelly are expecting their second child, a sibling for Peter. Pray for their baby’s safe arrival.

Sept. 3 Romans 13.1-14 Pray for the local authorities over Rasi’s 420 student school. Pray for understanding.

Sept. 4-6 Exodus 11-12:28 Join Sani & Elka praising God for the renovations underway on their home providing more room and replacing the termite ridden wooden structure with tile.

Sunday, Sept. 7 Matthew 18.1-20 Sani has a growing community church. Pray for this congregation and for the children at the children’s home to truly belong in the Christian community.

Sept. 08 Matthew 18.21-35 Give thanks for the team visiting from Mosaic Church and their time ministering at Mustard Seed sites.

Sept. 9-11 Exodus 12.29–14.9 Good News Children Education Ministry (GNCEM) is giving thanks for all the children they are reaching through community events. Join them in praise. Pray for the children to have a spiritual impact at home.

Sept. 12 Romans 14.1-12 Kids Club is big in India. Give thanks for well organized leaders like Gloria and for the hundreds of children who attend Kid’s Club camps in the city of Kolkata.

Sept. 13 Psalm 114.1-8 Eunok is Korean and has applied for a 15 year passport to stay in India. Pray it will be granted.

Sunday, Sept. 14 Psalm 98.1-9 Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things. VS 1

Sept. 15-16 Philippians 1 Give thanks for ripple effect of love that flows from Katie’s Kids Who Care activity.

Sept. 17-18 Exodus 16.1-36 Give thanks for Elli at the children’s home in Central Kalimantan. Pray for her daughter who is training at an orphanage on another island and for her son’s marriage as his work is far away on another island.

Sept. 19 Matthew 19.1-15 Elli recently received two young children from a woman who could not care for them while working in the field. Praise God for the help Elli receives from her oldest son and his wife.

Sept. 20 Matthew 20.1-16 Remember Wiwik, principal at the junior high school in Central Kalimantan. 75 teenagers attend this school.

Sunday, Sept. 21 Matthew 9.1-13 Students who move far from home to attend school often miss their family and feel guilty about leaving home. Pray for inner peace.

Sept. 22-23 Matthew 9.14-38 Santosa is working steadily to improve agricultural techniques in his community. Pray for like-minded support as he experiments and shares the results for the benefit of larger farming community.

Sept. 24 Matthew 19.16-30 Pray for Santosa and Leah’s three daughters.

Sept. 25 Matthew 21.18-32 Praise God for Lloyd and Grace’s growing ability to carry on conversations even if it’s only in basic Indonesian.

Sept. 26-27 Philippians 2 Thank God for his calling on everyone who makes Mustard Seed a thriving ministry; including supporters, members of the Board of Director’s, Indonesian leaders, Expatriate leaders, and staff.

Sunday, Sept. 28 Psalm 78.1-20 we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.VS 4b

Sept. 29 Daniel 12.1-13 Give thanks for the relationship building opportunities during the initial four month intensive training program for the new student teachers.

Sept. 30 Psalm 19.1-14 Lord, may my words and thoughts be pleasing to you, Lord because you are my mighty rock and my protector.VS 14. Pray for this truth to be firmly planted in the hearts of Mustard Seed students and leaders.