September 2019 Prayer Calendar

by | Sep 2, 2019

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

September 2019

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Matthew 7:8

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01: Luke 14.1-14 Pray for two families in S Village who have decided to follow Christ. May they remain firm in their decision and grow spiritually.

02: Ecclesiastes 3.16-4.16 Pray for Caroline, a 3rd year TfN student, who is struggling to focus after her mother passed away in January.

03: Philemon 1-25 Please pray for wisdom for Vano, a 4th year TfN student, to know how he can best help his village.

04: Psalms 139 Please pray for Martin, a 3rd year TfN student, who desires to grow in God and implement what He is saying to him.

05: Deuteronomy 30 Please pray for the young people at M Youth Centre that they would receive the love that God has for them.

06: Jeremiah 18.1-17 Please pray for a 2nd year TfN student who desires to always have a heart to serve God in everything.

07: Luke 14.15-35 Please pray for field worker, Kiera, as she celebrates her birthday today. May she be blessed and refreshed in the year to come.

Sunday 08-09: Ecclesiastes 5-6 Please pray for Tommy, a 3rd year TfN student, to have a heart that is ready to serve others and increased patience in his studies.

10-11: Luke 7.1-17, 36-50 Please pray for Tabitha, a 3rd year TfN student, to make wise decisions in accordance with God’s plan for her.

12-13: Luke 8.1-25 Please pray that the light of Jesus would shine throughout Southeast Asia.

14: Numbers 21.1-9 Please pray for Joy, a recent TfN graduate, who has begun her internship on the island of Promise. May she make a tremendous impact on the children and families she works with.

Sunday 15: Luke 15.1-10 Please pray for wisdom for Mr. and Mrs. Sendi as they love and mentor the children living at Seeds of Hope children’s home.

16: Luke 16.1-18 Please pray for sponsors for TfN teachers-in-training who are currently without support.

17: Psalms 113-114 Please pray regarding this year’s new theme: Inspired. May all of our students be inspired to dream big and fulfill their God-given assignment.

18-19: Ecclesiastes 7 Please pray for Tina, a 2nd year TfN student, to grow closer to God and others.

20: 1 Timothy 2.1-7 Please pray that the work at CEC would continue to empower those in their sphere of influence.

21: Luke 5.27-39 Please pray for students who are finding it challenging to be studying away from their families. May they sense the closeness of the Lord and be encouraged by community.

Sunday 22-23: Ecclesiastes 8-9 Please pray for Evan, a 3rd year TfN student, to grow in his quiet time with the Lord.

24-25: Ecclesiastes 10-12 Please pray for Samantha, a 3rd year TfN student to continue to grow stronger in her knowledge of God.

26: Jeremiah 32.1-15 Please pray for continued favor for CNA as they expand to various sites throughout Southeast Asia.

27: 1 Timothy 6.6-21 Pray for Mario, a 2nd year TfN student, to mature and grow in being more responsible through the TfN program.

28: Luke 16.19-31 Please pray for protection over MSI field workers and TfN interns who are serving in remote places.

Sunday 29: Daniel 10.1-11.2 Please pray for Mrs. Arti at Blessing Preschool, that she would walk in grace and patience as she cares for the children there.

30: Daniel 12 Praise God for His continued provision and blessing on MSI. May we continue to be blessed to be a blessing!

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