Southeastern Archipelago Flood Relief

Overcoming in Southeastern Archipelago

A devastating storm hit Indonesia's southeastern islands unannounced, flooding the rivers and breaking dams. The storm hit three main islands where Mustard Seed schools are located. Over 100 deaths have been reported. Villages were severely flooded, homes and buildings destroyed, including several of Mustard Seed's village schools. There has never been a disaster of this magnitude before, leaving them shocked and immobilized.


Latest update: April 12th, 2021

Source: Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management

  • 174 people killed.
  • 48 people are still missing.
  • 129 people injured.
  • 13,226 refugees (7,212 people are on the Island of Promise where MSI hub school and village schools are located).
  • 2,332 homes & public buildings are destroyed.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for wisdom for the leaders and the community; for clarity of action.
  • Pray for the teacher’s safety and ability to keep calm and take action to alleviate the fear around them.
  • Pray for strength and peace for the communities where Mustard Seed’s village schools have been damaged or destroyed by the storm.
  • Pray for the safety of our student's families affected by the disasters.
  • Pray for sufficient provisions of food at the refugees' camp.

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