Strings of Hope

by | Dec 17, 2022

Can I tell you a story of hope?

Here’s where it all started: It was a bad day. I was overwhelmed with Aldo, one of my students. He lied, refused to do homework, and hit his female friend. I felt like I was ready to give up on him.

Then Rino, a sixth grade student, came to me and asked if I could teach him to play guitar. I was about to dismiss him, but his persistence reminded me of my promise to God in 2013. “God, if you give me the talent to play guitar, I will use that talent to bless others,” I said. So I took my guitar and sat with him for an hour after school, for the next two weeks. This was more than two years ago and marked the beginning of the guitar club that I started.

Now, Rino is in junior high school and leads praise and worship for school chapel each morning. He also teaches other students how to play. I praise the Lord every time I see the growth of Rino and the guitar club. Somehow, seeing Rino gave me hope for Aldo. I prayed for God to change Aldo’s heart. I decided to stop being angry and instead be patient with him. One day, Aldo came to me and apologized. He had done everything that I told him, and then some. I was so surprised by the way God changed his heart… and also mine.

Paul (TfN Alumnus)


This Christmas, will you give the gift of hope to support a teacher, like Paul, and/or students, like Aldo and Rino? Your gift really can change a child’s life!