The Second Stage of The School Building Development

by | Jun 20, 2022

We are giving thanks for God’s faithfulness and the support from MSI donors, that the hub school on the Island of Promise is entering the second stage of its development.

This year, forty more kindergarten students will be accepted as they will have four new classrooms added on the second floor. In total, the school prepares to welcome more than a hundred elementary students.

MSI’s hub school is also expanding its impact to the western part of the island. Last year, a village school was built with the help of seventy families from the community.

The teachers had to travel six hours by car to reach this remote village. Ari, MSI Site Leader, said that the challenging location has been the main reason why education was abandoned and children have missed out on the opportunity to learn. Soon, a village “reading corner” will start to help children escape from illiteracy.


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