Where There is a Road There is a Village!

by | Nov 26, 2018

Where there is a road there is a village!

Principal Sandy thought he knew his way around. Yet, every road he took out from the new school led to the discovery of another village. Do you have a kindergarten? he’d ask. No, they’d reply.

Back at Mustard Seed’s headquarters, leaders rallied to find a solution to the problem of education in neglected and forgotten areas. Believing that these areas are full of individuals with a heart to build and develop their own village, the solution seen was in providing a training and development program for villagers whose heart is for education and desire is to empower the next generation of leaders for their villages.

Now Sandy continues his mantra, where there is a road there is a village. He asks the village leader; find two people who want to learn how to start a kindergarten for your children. They can come with me for three months training at Mustard Seed’s model school and then return to you to start a kindergarten.

From January to June this year, 16 people from the Island of Promise were trained in Early Childhood Education.

By the start of the new school year 8 villages had opened kindergartens in churches, offices, homes, and wherever space became available.

Enrollment now tops 200 children.

Village leaders are busy figuring out next steps. They’ve made space available, donated land and committed help to build a school. Some are exploring ways to pay their teachers.

Principal Sandy isn’t taking a rest. He helps prepare monthly enrichment workshops and support for the new village teachers at Mustard Seed’s new school on the island where the teachers are trained to teach and encourage village teachers. And of course, he is always finding new roads to explore!

Program leaders aren’t sitting back either. They are now preparing for a third cohort of students recruited from eight rural areas where education can be advanced. All hands are on deck.

Still, there are children waiting.

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