June 2018 Prayer Calendar

by | Jun 4, 2018

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

June  2018 

“Your kindness and love will always be with me each day of my life, and I will live forever in your house, Lord.”

Psalm 23:6 CEV

June 01: 2 Corinthians 4.1-15 Praise God for a new month. Pray for Lloyd, an MSI field worker as he celebrates his birthday today. May God continue to sustain him & his family as they enter this new year of promise.

02: Mark 2.1-12 Pray that our MSI field workers would be in good health & inspired by the new relationships that they are making.

03: Mark 2.23-26 Pray that our leaders would continue to follow the Lord’s leading & be diligent in obeying His instructions.

04: 1 Corinthians 4.16-5.10 Pray for a revelation of God’s love for every child & youth that comes in contact with MSI.

05: Psalm 138 Pray that the workers in the field would agree wholeheartedly with one another, loving one another & working together with one mind & purpose.

06: Psalm 140 Pray for Wren, an MSI field worker who is celebrating his birthday today. May God bless him & his family with His joy & strength.

07: 1 Samuel 8 Pray that MSI field workers would be courageous in the midst of trials knowing that Jesus is with them.

08: 1 Samuel 10 Pray for divine connections in expanding the work of Mustard Seed.

09: 1 Samuel 11 Pray for protection & health for MSI’s staff, board members & their families.

Sunday 10: Mark 3.7-35 Pray that the TfN students will be men & women of integrity & have courage to stand up for what is right against cultural norms.

11: Acts 11.19-30 Pray for wise & godly counselors to help our leaders reach their full potential.

12-13: Acts 13 Pray that CEC will keep growing to empower more children; may the children experience God's love through the staff.

14: Acts 14.21-15.5 As a grand celebration of the majority faith takes place today to end their fast, pray that Christ would be revealed.

15: Psalm 20 Pray that the motives of government leaders would be for the good of the whole nation.

16 Sunday 17: Mark 4 Pray that there would be a culture of co-operation that would promote honor amongst all parties involved.

18: Proverbs 10:1-14 Pray for children in Southeast Asia who are struggling to learn as a result of their upbringing.

19: 2 Corinthians 6.1-7.1 Pray for children who are struggling academically, that they would flourish & succeed in their studies.

20: 1 Samuel 15.10-35 Give thanks to God for the opportunity to teach and disciple his children.

21: 1 Samuel 16 Pray that the children would be known for their humility which invites God’s grace & protects them from pride.

22 1 Samuel 17.1-19 Give thanks for Pastor Sani's persistence to purchase land beside the children's home and church. Pray for a successful negotiation.

23: 1 Samuel 17.20-40 Pray for Wren & Angie’s daughter, as she celebrates her birthday today. May her love for the Lord increase with each passing day.

Sunday 24: Luke 1.57-80 A short term teacher-training program has been developed. Pray they will use this new teaching when they return to their classroom.

25: 1 Samuel 17.41-18.5 High school grads have finished a new 3 month intensive training on starting an early childhood education program in their own village. Pray for acceptance of their new initiatives to model Christ in their teaching.

26: 1 Samuel 31 Pray for MSI's overseas workers, that God would give them wisdom, spiritual protection & unity as they serve in challenging places far from home.

27: 2 Samuel 1.17-27 Ask God to heal and comfort G’s grandmother.

28: Mark 5.21-43 Pray for our leaders who will be accompanying TfN students as they head out to a one month internship program today. Pray for acceptance as they apply their teaching skills and experience life among another tribe.

29: Acts 15.6-21 Remember Santosa, our site leader in River Village whose mother is sick. Pray for healing & restoration in her body.

30: Acts 15.22-41 Pray for God’s favor as we try to open a college, preparing thousands of teachers to teach & disciple children in Christian schools throughout Southeast Asia. We’ve been held back at the final stages. Pray for open doors.

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