Meet Victory Place!

by | May 3, 2018 | 1 comment

We are excited to share that Victory Place, the new home for Mustard Seed’s teachers-in-training, is ready to start building dormitories.

However, before the students can move it, the site was made accessible to them – first with day trips and then overnight camping trips. And so, there was the need to buy tents. TransformNation students come from rural villages where people live off the land. It was amazing to see them dream, imagine, and plan what they were going to plant on the rich fertile soil, and how they could use that land to bless the neighbouring villages and grow sustainable food. Some got started planting tomatoes, sunflowers, and chili peppers to transplant up at Victory Place. The students formed a group called “the entrepreneur team”. They go up to the site every few weeks to plant, harvest, and sell crops with the hope of learning how to build a business, not only for their future but to help the local villagers with innovative ways to use these local crops to better support their families.

Productivity has flourished enabling Mustard Seed to hire a local farmer to care for the crops and animals when the students are in school. And his wife has been hired to harvest and prepare the students evening meal.

It’s wonderful to see how the students are looking forward to being out of the city and back on the land with all the possibilities it holds.

Watch the video below to see Victory Place come alive!

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