May 2018 Prayer Calendar

by | May 1, 2018

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

May  2018

“Your kindness and love will always be with me each day of my life, and I will live forever in your house, Lord.”

Psalm 23:6 CEV

May 01-02: John 14 Thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Please pray that Eric and Hannah would continue to put their faith in Jesus to conceive a child.

03: John 15.9-25 Please pray for the 3rd year TfN students who are doing their practicum this month.

04: 1 John 5.1-12 Please pray that the children attending MSI schools would know and embrace the love that God has for them.

05: Psalm 98 Let’s rejoice that we serve a powerful, miracle-working God who gives us victory! Pray for those who are faced with health challenges today and need a miracle.

Sunday 06: Ezra 3 Please pray for Christians in Southeast Asia to be strong and courageous, especially in areas where there is a strong presence of the majority faith.

07: 1 John 5.13-21 Praise God that He hears our prayers and answers them! Please pray for the faith to stand when we don’t see the answer right away.

08: 2 John Please pray for our Canadian director, Lucie, who celebrates her birthday today.  Pray that God would bless her abundantly for the time & energy that she sows into the work of MSI.

09: 3 John Thank the Lord for a new church that will be providing partial sponsorship for several TfN students.  Please pray a blessing on this church and continued increase in sponsorship as more student-teachers are added.

10: Acts 1.1-11 Please pray for Pastor Jim & Nita in S’Village, that they would continue to look to God as their solution when challenges arise.

11: Psalm 47 Please pray for MSI supporters who are facing financial challenges today. Pray that God would bless them in the same measure that they have blessed others.

12: John 17 Please pray for protection over all MSI’s cross cultural and indigenous workers in the Southeast Asia.

Sunday 13-14: Proverbs 31.10-31 Happy Mother’s Day! Please pray for the natural and spiritual mothers in the field, who give so sacrificially to the needs of their children.  May God bless them abundantly today.

15: Psalm 103 Please pray for a special young man who has grown up on the field, as he turns 18 today.  Pray for a special day filled with encouragement and hope as he moves towards a huge transition.

16: Genesis 11.1-9 Please pray for Pastor Santosa in the River Village as he shares the hope within him. Pray that many choose to receive the message he shares.

17: Exodus 19.3-25 Please pray for a new program, called Elevate, as the team continues to evaluate & improve their system.

18: Ezekiel.1-14 Please pray for a good system and procedure for TfN recruitment. Pray for wisdom for those making the final selections.

19: John 15.26-16.15 Please pray for the TfN graduates teaching in S’Village, that they would have wisdom and power to make a difference in their community.

Sunday 20: Acts 2.1-21 Please pray for the children attending MSI schools, that they would excel in their students and be a blessing to their communities.

21-22: Romans 8 Praise God that nothing can separate us from His love! May each one of us have a greater understanding of this truth today.

24: John 3.1-13 Please pray for the upcoming graduates of the TfN program who are preparing to go into the field to teach. Pray for wisdom and direction in regards to their job placements.

25-26: John 5 Please pray for grace, peace and endurance for Pastor Anton and his family.  May they persevere in the call of God for their lives.

Sunday 27: Psalm 29 May the voice of the Lord be heard throughout Southeast Asia and bring about transformation.

28: Psalm 139.1-18 Thank the Lord that with His powerful arm He protects us from every side!

29: 1 Samuel.1-11 Please pray for the TfN graduates who are teaching at W Jr. and Sr. High School.  Pray for creative strategies to teach.

30: Psalm 113 Thank God that He lifts the poor and needy from the dust & causes them to rule.

31: Luke 1.39-56 Pray for God’s richest blessings on those who serve Him wholeheartedly, without reservation.

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