Stay Hopeful

by | May 16, 2020

Stay Hopeful

Meet Dorina, a first year TransformNation (TfN) student. Knowing that God was calling her to dedicate her life to help children she left her rural village to begin training as a mentor to teach and disciple children in remote villages like her own. Like the other TfN students, she’d achieve a 4-year degree in education to prepare her for teaching and starting schools in challenging places. This is her message:

Being physically distant from the classrooms doesn’t mean relaxing. I still have lots of studying and tests and assignments that need to be submitted online. Everyday we encounter glitches: not enough computers, not enough data time left, not enough know-how to befriend this new ‘online learning thing.’ But what can we do? As students who come from remote villages, we need to adapt. Aside from pursuing excellence with our studies, we also need to adjust to new habits: keep our distance, check our temperature, wash our hands all the time, disinfect surfaces. It’s overwhelming.

But guess what? I learn many things from these struggles.

I learn about HOPE. If it were not for God who gathered all of us here from the corners of our archipelago, we wouldn’t realize our life purpose.

I learn about CREATIVITY. How technology can play a big part in our learning. I am thinking about little children in my village who don’t even know how to spell the word ‘computer'.

I learn about PERSEVERANCE. Now is the time when I need to pray without ceasing, stay close to God, and keep hopeful.

These three new things: Hope, Creativity, and Perseverance, are teaching me so much more. The problems I encounter have become secondary. I believe that all the TransformNation students will be using this learning a lot when we begin to serve children in remote villages.

Thank you, Lord! I am hopeful!